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Of Tea Blends and Spice Teas

The art of tea blending is a process where various tea leaves from different regions and tea estate are mixed together to produce a fine tea blend. Tea lovers are masters of making out fine teas from lower grades. Regular teas drinkers can well make out improper tea blends and hence choose the right blended teas.

When you buy loose leaf tea in tea bags or packet they could be a proper blend of different green or black tea types as the case may be. Usually all tea brands sold in the market are blended teas. in case of black tea brands only different black tea leaves will be nixed together similary in case of green tea brands only different green tea leaves will be mixed. Intermixing is done in fewer cases.

Blending requires tough quality control as well, since every lot must taste the same. There are lot of blended teas with flavor additives. There are tea brands available in the market which are flavored using synthetic additives like essential oils. But tea lover prefer to drink tea with any flavor additives as the leaves themselves are flavorful and aromatic.

While making tea beverage a blend of black tea leaves which are strong, dark and full-bodied goes well with milk. While English teas are usually lighter and are often consumed without milk.

Many teas are flavored with variety of flowers, spices and herbal infusions to give dominant fruity flavors. Popular flower additives are Jasmine, Chamomile, Rose and Chrysanthemum. Among herbs mint, spearmint and cardamom leaves are commonly used in blends.

In case of essential oils citrus oils are commonly used. In case of spice tea crushed ginger, cardamom powder, cinnamon powder, nutmeg, cassia, mace, clove, anise, vanilla and fennel are often used.

Buying spiced tea bags or other blended tea brands is a matter of personal choice. Regular tea consumption is the best way to learn to choose your favorite spiced or blended teas

Author: Uday Patel

Article Source: Amazines

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