Thursday, April 29, 2010

Iced Green Tea For Summer Health

I've been talking a lot about Beverage Replacement lately, the substitution of high calorie drinks for low calorie healthy alternatives in the process of weight loss. Continuing in this pattern, I'll be talking about summertime beverages and iced green tea.

If you think of tea and picture a steaming hot cup, you're probably discouraged about the upcoming warm weather. If you live somewhere hot like me, you want something refreshing and cool to sip on during the sweltering heat. It's quite difficult to stay away from sugary sodas and energy drinks containing spoonfuls of high fructose corn syrup, so here are some fun ideas for a summer drink using green tea:

Iced Sweetened Tea. Iced tea by itself can be a little bland, I must admit. You can fix this by sweetening your summer's beverage with a dash of raw sugar. Raw sugar is a natural sugar substitute and you can purchase it at your local grocery store. Raw sugar has many other uses as well, and can help your diet in those areas.
Green Lemonade Tea. Using 100% lemonade fruit juice in your iced green tea will add a tangy twist and provide you with plenty of natural vitamin C.

Strawberry Green Tea Lemonade Smoothie. Take it a step further by blending it together with a small cup of diced strawberries! You wouldn't be fooling anyone by telling them that this tasty drink is good for them! Kids will love it, too.

In these mixes you can also use passion fruit, cranberry, pomegranate, and quite a few others. Iced tea mixes well with most fruit juices, and there are dozens of ways to prepare it. Try something new every week and you'll never get bored with tea in the hot summer.

For those who do not know, green tea provides an abundance of protective antioxidants. One such antioxidant is called EGCG, or epigallocatechin gallate. Many scientific studies have shown the EGCG in this tea to account for an increase metabolism and healthy bodily function. Green iced tea is an optimal choice because of its rich source of EGCG for better health and loss of excess weight.

Iced tea, therefore, is a prime candidate to supplement during your summer time diet. One or two large green iced teas per day can make pounds of difference, literally! It will also keep you well hydrated and refreshed as you tackle the summer sun.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Lose Weight Drinking Green Tea

So why do people all over the world drink tea anyway?
  • For good health?
  • To maintain the status quo?
  • To relax?
  • Or maybe for lack of something better to drink?
How about all of the above! The universal appeal for tea has led to so many scholars researching its history. Many interesting stories that abound, one thing is common.

The history of tea is closely tied to China and the Chinese who have enjoyed it for thousands of years. It is significant to note that in those days, Tea houses and tea parties were not uncommon and majority of the tea was green.

It was later on that black and red teas were discovered.Oolong ( a mix of green and black colour when oxidised), Sencha, and Puerh belong to these tea category. Cultivation of tea leaves soon became widespread in China and it was taken for granted to have different varieties of tea such as white, black, red etc. While the very nature of the beverage in the past is quite different from what you have in supermarkets and shopping malls today, one thing has remained the same. People know that medicinal values can be obtained from drinking tea.

Drinking Green Tea can help you lose weight!

As a matter of fact, research has proven that green tea can help you lose weight easily and is a safer alternative to diet pills and other 'slimming tablets'!

How does it work?

Food when synthesized is converted into a form known as "triglyceride" which is in the liver and small intestine. It is then carried into the bloodstream to other tissues in the body. While Triglyceride is a very important source of energy, there are complications which can arise as a result of having excess amounts of triglyceride, because when there is an excess amount then it's turned into fat which invariably causes obesity. And that is where green tea comes in useful. Green tea contains significant amounts of "polyphenols " which activates the enzyme necessary for dissolving excess triglyceride and this process when completed makes sure that the pathway to obesity is effectively narrowed.

So while the person next door may take on a highly commercialized brand or label of tea and sip to maintain his status quo, why don't you drop by your local store and pick up some green tea and enjoy a cup? It will certainly do you a world of good. The ancient Chinese can attest to that.

What is the best tea?

To each there own, obviously there are tons of options available on the market. The best should be 100% organic and would ideally contain Sencha, Oolong, and Puerh. When combined these three teas provide an amazingly powerful blend of tea with a great taste, and amazing health benefits.

TavaTea is one of the best that help you with this.
Steven Clarke is an avid drinker of green tea. Loves all types of tea, and drinks it daily.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Green Tea For Diet Purpose - The Right Way to Use It

Is drinking green tea on daily basis can help you to lose weight? If you spend a little time on a research, you'll find that there are pro and contra regarding this matter. There are people who think the weight loss effect from drinking it is just infomercial propaganda, but there are also people that truly believe on its effect to shed weight.

Here's the truth: using green tea for weight loss purpose IS possible. Studies have shown that drinking five cups per day will make you burn extra 70-80 calories without moving a muscle or modifying your eating habit.
While burning extra 80 calories per day is a good addition to your weight loss effort, you can't expect to see significant result by just drinking green tea and spend the rest of the day on a couch watching TV. This is the reason why many people think that it is useless for weight loss purpose; they think that they can drink it, do nothing else, and still achieve significant weight loss.

Drinking green tea has many effects that will boost your weight loss effort; it can boost your metabolic rate which mean faster weight loss and easier weight management. Studies have shown that regular intake can improve your metabolism by almost 4% which is very nice because you get it almost without significant effort.

Another great thing that you can get fro is it will helps to block fat absorption. This is based on a research that shows green tea can hinder the movement of glucose into fat cells. It also slowing the rise of blood sugar after a meal and prevents high insulin spike; this is certainly useful for someone who has high blood pressure.

People at the University of Chicago also have tested the effects on rats. Rats that injected with green tea lost their appetite and consume 60% less food after seven days of daily injection. The effect may works on human too, but there is no solid proof for this yet.

So, how is the right way to use green tea for weight loss purpose? You should have a solid diet or exercise program to shed that extra fat from your body. Adding green tea in it will be very nice boost since you can burn extra 80 calories simply by drink it regularly, thus speed up your weight loss process.

While we're at it, let me tell you that the great thing about it is not limited to its ability to complement your weight loss program. People in China, Korea, and Japan have used it for beverage and traditional medicine for over than 4000 years; the result is they live longer healthier life. How is that possible? Well, beside the metabolism boosting, green tea also contain high concentration of antioxidant, enzymes that capture and neutralize free radicals; thus prevent cellular aging and some life threatening diseases like cancer and heart conditions.

Eventually, you must realize that even though drinking green tea can help you to lose weight, you must not expect significant result from it alone. Drink it regularly to boost your diet program is the best way to lose weight while having a lot of benefits from the habit.

Check the best weight loss program to find a program that suits your need and complement it with daily intake of green tea. Also, don't forget to claim your fat burning course at burn fat fast.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

What Are the Benefits of Acai Green Tea?

Did you know that drinking acai green tea can actually help detoxify your body? This is something that emerging sciences quickly revealing to be the case. Not only will it help cleanse your body of dangerous substances, but it will also help you lose weight. When you stop and think about it, there are two basic things that virtually everybody wants - they want to look their best, and they want to lose weight. So imagine if you could do both of those things simply by having an extra cup of acai green tea every morning. You'd probably be shocked by the results.

What a lot of people don't realize is the fact that acai green tea has been used by celebrities for years as their secret way of being able to lose weight and to look their best. Think about it. These are people who can literally afford virtually any health care treatment on the market today. The fact that they choose to drink this type of green tea is indicative of the fact that it really works.

Remember, these people absolutely must look their best. Their professional livelihoods depend on it. If they don't look their best, people will start to think that they are losing. Once that happens, they will get less roles in movies and they will stop making as much money.

People like you and me can also take advantage of the health benefits that can be derived from acai green tea. Not only will we look and feel better, but it will cost us a lot of money either. However, we need to be consistent. Far too many people assume that they can simply drink green tea of this nature wants and that everything will be okay. While it helps, you really need to be more consistent with how often you ingest acai green tea. Go ahead and try some today, you'll be surprised by the results you get.

What about the Acai Anti Aging?

Many people are searching for acai anti aging formulas that they can start using right away. The reason why so many people are interested in this is because they want to look their best. It also doesn't hurt that a lot of fashion magazines have mentioned that celebrities use acai anti aging on a regular basis. This not only helps them look their best, but it also helps ensure that they continue to get work in Hollywood as well as in Bollywood.

You may ask yourself if acai anti aging substances are safe. The truth of the matter is that they are very safe. How do we know this? Numerous scientific studies have indicated that there is absolutely no problem whatsoever when using these substances. They actually help give your skin an added level of moisture that they otherwise wouldn't have. When you think about it, that is actually something that more people need in their lives.

The best part about acai anti aging formulas is the fact that there are many on the market today. As a result, you can actually find some that will provide you with fantastic results. However, a lot of people sometimes wonder if others will know that they are using a secret weapon to fight aging.

Once again we need to go back to the fact that this type of product is used by a lot of celebrities. Think about all of the cameras that are constantly focused on a celebrity. If they knew that their secret would be revealed, very few of them would use these products. More to the point, scientific studies have shown that you can actually reverse some of the damaging effects of aging on the skin by using anti aging formulas that are based in large part on the acai berry. Go ahead and try an acai anti aging formula today and look your best!

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Green Tea Fat Burner - Know the Secrets

There are many people who want to lose weight and burn fat now. They no longer want the image of being part of an obese society which is why they do everything that they can in order to lose the excess pounds. Aside from disciplining and willing themselves into eating so much and religiously going to the gym for an hour of serious workout, they also take dietary supplements such as green tea which is now considered one of the leading fat burners. Yes, green tea fat burner may just be the answer to your weight loss problems.

Because green tea increases your metabolism, it makes you burn more fats in the process, thereby speeding the process of weight loss. It also aids in the slow release of carbohydrates in the body, therefore preventing the rise of the blood sugar levels and which in turn causes the body to burn fat. It is the ultimate fat burner for people who would want to lose weight. It is safe and it also has other good health benefits aside from weight reduction.

Green tea fat burner is something that people may want to consider including in their diets if they are serious about losing the excess weight. There are many studies that show that people who drink three to five cups of green tea a day are more likely to burn more fat and lose more weight faster than those who drink the same amount of coffee. It proven to be effective and safe and there have been no known ill side effects that have been brought about by taking it. Just make sure to couple it with a good diet and lots of exercise and the person will surely on his way to a healthier him.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Can Green Tea Have the Magic of Weight Control?

We all agree that getting rid of weight is such a difficult thing to accomplish and because currently we are always faced with different types of supplements and tablets here and there, it makes it even worse when it comes to choosing. Organic herbal products and therapies have become now widely used among dieters of all types. However, green tea is the one and only product that very few people if any would have any controversy about.

What's amazing about it is that it's widely available almost everywhere. It's included in many different forms such as tablets, drinks and some types of food even. You can purchase it from anywhere around the world from pharmacies, hyper markets, convenience stores, to even humble mom-and-pop stores. Moreover, you can have it either hot or cold.

It is famous for its abilities to overcome extreme tiredness and fight oxidants in our systems, it's also known as a highly effective element in burning fat. However, many people have always wondered if that was really true?
Lately, research has been carried out that proves that green tea can have some positive effects on boosting our metabolic cycles and getting rid of unwanted fat. In other words, we can conclude that it does have a great effect on losing excess weight!

Moreover, green tea includes a very important element called flavanoids which can control a certain hormone in our bodies responsible for overcoming fat. It is also famous for having the factor that enhance our overall performance while stimulating the thermogenesis operation that is works in getting the inner body temperature higher.

By getting the temperature of your inner body higher, it becomes easy for our system to rid of more excess fat and this should speed up the whole process of losing weight.

Moreover, you would be surprised to know that green tea is almost considered the only product with absolutely no negative effects that can put your life at risk! Green tea is more like the most perfect element out there that can help you control, maintain or lose some of your weight healthily and safely. It's not even some medication or supplement as we usually have it instead of the regular red tea so we won't even notice it!

Green tea has been widely used in China for decades now and now it's so popular and effective in the US. Just always check that the package you are buying is original green tea that does not have any adds-on that can get its effective factor mild or deactivated.

Also, when you drink green tea rich in caffeine like that in red tea and coffee you are enhancing its ability to get rid of more and more fat. Furthermore, green tea has been known as the cancer fighter as medical tests have proven that it can fight cancer and cardio disorders as well.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Green Tea Diets - Go Green and Naturally Shed the Pounds!

It's clear that nowadays, green tea is becoming a famous and valuable drink supplement due to its many health benefits. People all over the world are utilizing this herb to assist them in shedding unwanted fats and in avoiding various ailments. But it's still important to know where this herb originated and when it was utilized in the medical world. It is believed and even studies have proven it, that green tea has been used for almost 4000 years already by people in Asia, particularly by Chinese and Japanese. They have then incorporated green tea diet in their lifestyle as it helps them maintain a healthy body and counter various ailments.

Due to the wonderful health benefits of green diet tea, it has become the focus of several medical and scientific researches in order to find out other great things it can offer. Drinking green tea daily may avoid heart problems and even certain kinds of cancer. Furthermore, people seeking for a safe and rapid weight lose technique will find a great assistance in green diet tea.

The No Fad Health Benefits of Green Diet Tea

Let me enumerate what really are the health benefits one can get from drinking green or having green supplements.
The primary essential health element of green diet tea is the catechin polyphenols antioxidants. You can now successfully and safely protect yourself as these antioxidant lessen those free radicals that is the culprit of cancer and other health problems. The body's insulin sensitivity is as well enhanced so diabetes is avoided and prevented.

Having a green tea diet is truly great when it comes to weight loss programs as it allows your digestive system to function well, resulting to faster metabolism and shedding of fats and calories.

Green diet tea is also excellent in making you look younger as the antioxidant eliminates dead cells that are making you feel more revitalized. It as well reduces skin inflammation due to acne or skin allergies. Due to it's ability to invigorate the skin and in eliminating skin aging factors which is accounted from the free radicals fighting antioxidant, green tea is now used in different kinds of beauty products such as lotions and face creams.

Tooth decay is also prevented when having green diet tea as it prevent plaque build up. Certain elements in the tea are battling those bacteria forming plaque which later turns to cavities. You can also have nice smelling breath when using green tea as your mouthwash.

No More Second Thoughts

If you want to be healthy, look extra fit and look young, then why not try adding green diet in your life style?
No more spending a lot of money because this low-priced herb will help you successfully fight certain diseases. You can now quickly and simply lose weight with green. Don't worry about the unpleasant taste of green diet tea drinks because you can substitute it with other forms of green tea supplements. You got all the reasons in the world to indulge yourself in this nutritious and valuable herb.

If you're interested in going green and naturally shedding the pounds, you should look into a healthy green tea diet. If you're concerned or have any questions, look at all of the green tea benefits

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Benefits of Organic Green Tea

A main green tea benefit is that it contains powerful antioxidants that favor bacteria beneficial to the human body while killing those that are harmful. Organic green teas have a high rate of antioxidants which are really important to protect the cells from a natural process that prevents toxins that build up from unnecessary oxygen.
Organic tea is the more natural form of modern tea plants that are sprayed with pesticides and other artificial methods of growth. Many tea plantations are now converting to organic due to the harming effects of chemical fertilizers- this organic tea provides a fuller taste that heightens the green tea benefits. The process of green tea formation includes only the leaf bud and top two leaves of the tea plant. The leaves do not become oxidized as they are not fermented like black tea. This process helps to preserve the leaves without destroying the beneficial compounds in the plant. Organic tea benefits also include various nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, manganese and potassium and the vitamins A, C, E and K.

Consumption of organic tea help prevent diseases such as arthritis, improve bone density, reduce the risk of heart disease, and helps fight cataracts. Green organic tea is beneficial for almost every organ in the body as it helps prevent cancer by blocking compounds with poly phenols. Organic green tea helps control blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart attacks. Its daily consumption has shown results in preventing viral infections. It is a very soothing drink that can help you control stress and slow down the aging process. Many people have used green tea for aid in weight loss as well as it works wonders for your metabolism. Tea is also a wonderful alternative to coffee, with many varieties having just half of the caffeine.

I suggest that everyone should experience the flavors and benefits of tea in its organic form. For more information on organic teas and their benefits, visit Tea Noosh.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How to Lose Weight With Green Tea Herbals

Green tea is now used in many products all around the world especially within the weight loss industry and for product which are used as antioxidants. People that require a natural product to burn calories will not find anything to compare with weight loss supplements.

The effects on the human metabolism is quite amazing because it really slows down the process of aging if used over a long period by helping with cell regeneration, however, weight loss treatments using it rely on the laxative and toxin purging qualities of the plant that speed up the metabolism. The body's system is stimulated into burning more calories than usual, and will thus avoid useless accumulation of fat tissue.

This said, green tea weight loss supplements still need the help of the person using them because If you are eating lots of junk food every day without a physical activity the you will put on weight. Many people seem to believe that its use will solve all their weight problems but the fact you are taking the product implies that you are trying to improve your healthy by eating more healthily.

When prepared as infusion, this product should be used in the evening before going to sleep. Weight loss products containing this product take some getting used too and often there may be some bowel irritation for a couple of days but it will pass. Newer users of green tea weight loss products are more likely to see this effect as their body becomes used to the way it increases the metabolic rate riding it of the toxins and burning calories that normally turn into fat. If you maintain other parts of your diet which can be exercise plenty of water and vegetables results of using green tea herbals will be seen within a week.

Often green tea is combined with other products to work faster and one product is acai berry select, Used in South Africa for thousands of years. Acai berry is well known and respected there and provides essential vitamins and minerals for good healthy when combined with those already found in the product.

When acai berry is used in association with green tea it stimulates the immune system and fortifies the user, representing a valuable energy source, during the stressful period when you are returning to your normal weight. So far no adverse side effects have been discovered with tests of up to half a year showing good safety levels for products containing green tea and acai berry. the best weight loss informational website on the net.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Effective Against Ovarian Cancer - Green Tea

Natural and Alternative medicine has been getting notoriety in the treatment and prevention of cancer. Tea is the most well-known as a potential remedy. Continuing research shows the effectiveness of green tea in the prevention of heart disease as well as other forms of cancer.

The first indication of tea effectiveness is in the markedly low incidence of major diseases in the Asian regions. Those who are living in Asia typically imbibe large quantities of green tea and statistics show that they have a significantly lower risk or heart ailments as well as cancer. Particularly Japanese men, as opposed to American men have statistically lower risk of lung cancer and heart ailments though as much as 75 percent of them smoke cigarettes.

Breast cancers as well as the various cancers in the digestive system also have low incidences in the people living in Asia. They also have lesser chances of having diabetes or even high blood pressure. Their copious consumption of tea could possibly be the reason.

Typically, green tea in Asia comes from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis. The main difference between green tea and black tea is in the processing. In the preparation of black tea, it is also fermented, unlike green tea. Because the green tea is not fermented, the anti-oxidants are left in their natural state, making their benefits more potent.

Anti-oxidants are critical in fighting the presence of free radicals inside our body. Whenever we process the food that we eat and turn it into energy, free radicals are produces. These free radicals can potentially damage the cells as well as our DNA. The damaged DNA can cause other major illnesses like cancer, heart ailments and even stroke.

A growing number of researches connect tea with minimizing the risks of various forms of cancer like gastrointestinal, prostate, bladder, esophageal and breast cancer. Up until recently green tea has not been observed as having any effect on the prevention of ovarian cancer.

But studies conducted on women with ages between 40 and 76 in a span of 15 years show the following results:

-There is a far less likelihood for women who imbibe tea regularly to acquire ovarian cancer

-The risk of acquiring ovarian cancer is related to the quantity of tea consumed. Research show that the risk decreases by as much as 18 percent for every additional cup of green tea a day to the two recommended

There is really no reason why you should not try drinking green tea. It has no side-effects, its benefits are well known, and it is quite delicious. It can be taken hot or cold. It is even obtainable in tablet form, which makes taking larger doses possible.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Does Green Tea Help Acne? The Truth Revealed

Are your curious as to whether or not green tea helps acne? It seems to be abundant in the internet world. So many people swear by green teal and its effect on acne. Continue reading if you want to know the truth as to whether or not green tea will help you cure your acne.

First, I will say that I have had acne for just less than 6 years. I am 99% clear today and am complete control over my acne. I know exactly what I need to do in order to be 100% clear. It is just a matter of time. I also love green tea. So, has drinking green tea daily helped?

It is hard to say if this tea has helped me personally. When you are on the holistic journey to clear skin, there are hundreds of different factors. Stress, sleep, sunlight exposure, foods you eat, foods you do not eat, and much more all play a role. So saying one specific thing did wonders for my skin may not be all that accurate.
But, if you know that one thing is extremely beneficial, and the reasons why it is beneficial have to do with having clear skin, then you have a good idea as to whether that one thing helped or not.

This tea is full of antioxidants. I am guessing most of you are aware of this. Antioxidants help fight free radical damage. Free radical damage leads to acne. Do you now see why so many people claim green tea helped them cure acne?

So, yes, green tea does help acne. If you drink one cup on a daily basis, it will help you cure acne faster. But, do not expect clear skin anytime soon if this is the only thing you do. Live an overall healthy lifestyle if you want glowing skin.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Acai Berry Fruit - One of the Healthiest Fruits You Can Eat

Acai berry is a fruit that grows in the Amazon rain forests. This fruit has captured the attention of entire world with its numerous benefits. Being extensively used in South America, its reach and use is increasingly entering other parts of the globe also. Witnessing the enormous benefits of this amazing fruit, many companies started manufacturing supplements and products containing acai berry fruit. Acai berry supplements are available in the form of capsules and juice are used for numerous health advantages. However, one of the major benefits of this fruit is weight loss.

Always remember that darker the acai fruit, the richer the berry is with nutrients. The acai berry fruit is rich in antioxidants and fiber, which gives it the power to eliminate the long lasting cells containing toxins. You see, some of the food you consume does not get digested, it gets accumulated in your body which affects your blood cells and entire production of new blood cells. However, when you consume antioxidants, it helps to regulate and balance your blood cells, even giving birth to new blood cells.

Acai berry fruit consists of several nutrients like healthy fatty acids, amino acids, carbohydrates, and many more which accelerates the metabolism process. Furthermore, the presence of fiber boosts the metabolism and helps in digestion and bowel movements. In other words, acai berry acts as a colon cleanser sending accumulated waste to the colon and strengthening the metabolism by supplying relevant and essential nutrients to it. Let's throw some light on some of the reasons which ensures no side effect of this incredible fruit:
  • Being a natural berry, it has been used for decades and is thoroughly researched and studied before applying it commercially
  • No laboratory processing is required. Only dry freezing of its pulp and skin is employed.
  • The fruit provides vital minerals and vitamins that energize your body
  • Antioxidant properties make this fruit to provide extensive health benefits and helps in improving sexual performance also.
  • It helps in regulating cholesterol levels and prevents artherosclerosis.
Age is not a constraint for availing the benefits of this fruit. Whether you are young or old, you can use this fruit to normalize your blood circulation and to enhance visual keenness.

Undoubtedly acai berry is considered to be the king of all fruits because of its high nutritional value. According to a recent study, it has been found that acai berry drink has at least 10 times more antioxidants than blueberry drink. In addition, it is nearly 30 times as energetic as a strawberry drink. If we talk about its nutrition, then it contains vitamin A, B, C and others.

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