Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An Overview Of Hoodia With Green Tea

By: Ann Marier

Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up, or simply make your body healthier, Hoodia with green tea is a great option for you, and there are tons of different reasons for this, which, if you are interested in, then you are definitely going to want to read on to find out more.

What Hoodia With Green Tea Is

Hoodia with green tea is a green tea supplement which is manufactured by the Maximum International Company, and which is used universally not only to help with weight loss and physically improve the body, but as well to prevent and even cure diseases.

The way that Hoodia with green tea works is that it uses the green tea extract to reduce your appetite as well as clear your body of any toxins, so that almost immediately after beginning to take the product you will notice results, as you will feel refreshed and healthier.

As well, because of all the antioxidants that are present from the green tea extract, your body gains a better immune system and thus you have a prevention method which works against diseases such as the common cold, the flu, and as well serious ones, such as cancer.

Although the green tea extract in Hoodia with green tea – let alone any other product – is not strong enough to actually cure or prevent something as serious as cancer, it has been proven to help treat it and those who take green tea extract regularly are considered to be at much less risk of getting cancer later on in their life.

Other Options

The Hoodia product with green tea is not the only option that you have in this regards however, as you have many other choices as well. You can get green tea pills, cold and hot green tea drinks, and green tea supplements of almost any shape and color.

In order to find out which is the absolute best option for you, you are going to want to make an appointment with your family doctor so that together you can discuss the issue and come up with the best possible results.

As long as you are aware of the positive benefits that green tea brings, then you should have no problems, and you will be able to find a great green tea product that works for you. Just make sure that you also include a healthy and nutritious diet and plenty of physical exercise regularly, so that the green tea can work to its best ability.

About the author:
Ann Marier writes informative articles about family life and general health issues, Her latest are about the health benefits of green tea. Click on http://www.greenteaandcll.com to read her green tea articles
Click on http://www.ultimatehealthinfo.com to see all the other general health issues

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Can You Really Use Green Tea For Fat Loss Effectively?

Author: John Ugoshowa

Well it seems that the answer is a definite ‘YES’. There are many things that the green tea is famous for and one of these things is that it revs up the metabolism and thereby burning the fat effectively from the body. Actually, studies have confirmed that the green tea promotes and stimulates thermogenesis.

How Can Green Tea Be Used For Fat Loss?

The studies conducted have shown that regular use of green tea can increase the metabolism rate by almost four percent. This is a significant help when you are already into a fat loss program. The green tea use for fat loss is extremely limited when used in isolation. The four percent increase in the metabolism becomes an asset only when it is attached to a regular regime of fat loss whereby the results are enhanced by its use.

The plus point of using green tea for fat loss does not stop here. First of all, you are getting this four percent increase for nothing. You could sit on your couch sipping tea and watching TV the whole day and still burn an average of 80 calories per day (taking into count that a regular calorie intake is about 2000 calories per day) only by consuming one cup of green tea. This is just great.

While it is obvious that one cannot exclusively use green tea for fat loss, this can make an excellent booster of any type fat loss program, since it can add to the weight loss. Besides, the green tea has a host of other benefits that can be added to the benefits you already draw from your fat loss program.

Even if you do not use green tea for fat loss, you can still drink it for its calming effect on the body. The green tea is famous for so many exceptional properties it has among which its anti-oxidant qualities deserve special mention.

Hence, you could really use green tea for fat loss; considering that a good fat loss program will involve three main aspects, (i) weight training plan, (ii) proper nutrition, and (iii) high intensity cardio program. When all the ingredients are right and in place, then the green tea can be an excellent supplement for fat loss.

Taking into consideration that a good majority of the weight and fat loss programs do not even work, the use and impact of green tea can be commendable as it has a host of other healthy benefits.

John Ugoshowa. You are welcome to use this article on your website or in your ezines as long as you have a link back to http://www.quickregister.net/partners/ For more information on Fat Loss see the Fat Loss section of Quickregister.net Free Search Engine Submission Service at: http://www.quickregister.net/partners/

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Green Tea Side Effects

Before we go any further, I should say that I have been happily enjoying green tea for several months now and have yet to experience any negative side effects, but it's only fair that I mention there *are* some possibilities.

In this article we're going to take a look at the most common side effects so you know what the risks are before you consider drinking green tea.

After all, the potential benefits are great - such as weight loss and disease resistance - but only you can weigh up the pros and cons by taking a closer look at the points outlined here.

Green tea, like most popular brands of coffee, does contain caffeine and so care must be taken not to overdo the use.

In this case green tea side effects can be like any other caffeine-induced side-effects including, but not limited to, headaches, shaking, sweating, hyperactivity, irratability and problems sleeping. High levels of caffeine have also been associated with skin rashes from time to time, through these tend to go as quickly as they arrived once the caffeine has left the body.

Because of these caffeine levels, doctors generally recommend against giving green tea to children of any age. The same, of course, goes for those breastfeeding.

It is important at this point to say that levels of green tea will have to be very high indeed for the caffeine-related effects to be felt. Japanese scientists claim you can safely drink up to 10 cups a day without experiencing any side effects from green tea so this is unlikely to effect most of us.

Some people may also experience an upset stomach after drinking green tea though this is rare. A scientific study in 1984 found that "tea is a potent stimulant of gastric acid, and this can be reduced by adding milk and sugar" so drinking it as you would your normal tea should help alleviate such problems. Furthermore, if you are taking green tea as extract (such as for weight loss) the manufacturer has likely already tested this element.

Lastly, tannin-containing drinks like green tea (or your more usual black tea for that matter) can, in some cases, lead to iron deficiency and so those with anemia and similar circulatory problems may be best to opt against consuming green tea.

As mentioned earlier all of these side effects are highly unlikely and are far more likely when green tea is consumed in high concentrations but if you are in any doubt, consult your doctor before taking any green tea-containing product.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Herbs That Help You Lose Weight

By: Jim Scotty

You are probably on the verge of frustration over losing weight. If you have tried exercises, diet plans, and other weight loss programs out there and these still do not work for you, you should start looking for alternative ways to solve your weight problems.

If you are struggling to find alternatives to prescribed medicines, then you should try weight loss products that have natural herbs complement these.

One of the most popular alternatives to prescribed weight loss products is the use natural herb for weight loss. These are natural appetite suppressants that are known to aid natural and gradual losing of weight. If you are considering using natural herb for weight loss, then you might as well start researching about the types to know their effects and possible side effects.


The most common trend in natural weight loss products is called herbal diuretics. These are very common in over-the-counter natural weight loss products that include shave grass, hawthorn, juniper seeds, dandelion, horsetail, and green tea.

Most experts say that these herbs are not really toxic but some can create conflict with the body especially if the person is using prescribed medicines but if you are not taking any prescription medicines and is not suffering from any illness or disease, there is no harm in trying these natural herbs for weight loss.

Herbal diuretics—considered as over-the-counter herbal weight loss preparations—are usually derived from several herbal plants like uva-ursi, burdock, buchu, borage, ephedra, yerba mate, and dandelion combined with different minerals. Here are some of the products you might want to consider.

- Ma-Huang or Ephedra is the most common ingredients used in herbal preparations. Although there are clinical studies that prove its effectiveness, the combination of these ingredients with other herbs post potential long-term effects.

- St. John's Wort is used primarily as an antidepressant. Most experts say that the use of St. John’s Wort poses a very small potential for weight loss but is great in managing stress and depression.

Be careful in using this product because it has unsafe properties that are dangerous to health. Make sure that you do not take medications like Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil when you take chance on this product. Also, avoid eating foods that contain tyramine like wine, cheese, and aged meats to avoid further conflict.

- Yerba Mate also known as Paraguay tea is considered as a very strong nervous system stimulant. Be careful in using it because several cases of poisoning have been reported related to excessive stimulation and high blood pressure.

- Bladderwrack, on the other hand, is a kind of seaweed that has high iodine content. Since it has high amount of iodine, avoid taking this if you are suffering from goiter.

- White Willow Bark is an herb that is known to contain an active ingredient used in aspirin. Products that contain this product may work if you experience recurrent headache, but if you want to use it to lose weight, you might want to think twice.

If you are going to try these, make sure that you drink lots of purified so you will replace the lost minerals in your body.

Another trend in natural weight loss products is dietary fiber. Most experts say that taking products with dietary fiber is effective in losing weight because it will make the person feel full so they will eat less.

Products like pectin –which is a soluble fiber that occurs naturally in fruits like apple, pear, or bananas; guar gum—a dietary fiber usually used as a thickening agent; glucomannan—obtained from konjac root that can absorb lots of water; fenugreek seeds—that has 40 percent soluble fiber and may help reduce blood glucose levels—also help in the body’s detoxification process.

Article Source: http://www.healthfreakarticles.com

For further reading, find out more about dietary herbal supplements.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Taste of India with Chai Tea

by Mayoor Patel

Chai is what tea is called in India and other middle Eastern countries, most notably Turkey. Chai tea, often also called massala chai, is what middle Eastern citizens will tell you tea is all about. Brewed in a very characteristic way, which is actually miles from what a typical English tea will look and taste like, chai tea is gaining more and more popularity as Indian, Turkish, and other middle Eastern cultures gain wider interest and appreciation around the world.

Chai tea is usually prepared using tea with a strong, full-bodied flavor, milk, sugar, and a good dose of spices. Black tea, usually from Indian varieties themselves like Assam tea, is used because of the potency of its body and taste, which is somewhat needed in a beverage where it might be obliterated by the other elements. Milk or any other cream substitute is used to 'whiten' it and soften the taste of the tea infusion. Sugar is added in often copious doses, since chai tea is also known for its very sweet taste. A variety of spices are also used to further add to the body of the tea.

These chai tea spices vary very much between areas, though the commonly used are cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, star anise, peppercorns, cloves, and nutmeg. Saffron may also be used. Some spice blends are available as chai massala, massala being the name given to a spice mix in the Indian tongue.

There is no fixed recipe or proportion or list of constituents for chai tea. It is a beverage which is customized and created differently on every stove top. There is a wide range then in the actual taste of the chai. Only the method of preparation is somewhat similar all over, in that water is boiled with the spices, tea is added and allowed to release its flavor and taste, though not too long to prevent the bitter and acrid taste of over-infused tea to color the brew. Milk or creamer is then added, full-fat whole milk being the preferred choice. Sugar or whatever is being used as sweetener, such as honey and jaggery, is added last. In some versions, the tea is what is added last and allowed to steep.

The Kashmiri version of chai tea is somewhat different from what is otherwise available under this name. It is made using green tea, and is brewed using almonds, saffron, cinnamon, black pepper, and cardamom.

Mayoor Patel is the writer for the website http://specialty-tea.tea-universe.com. Please visit for information on all things concerned with Chai Tea

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Can Green Tea Prevent Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer is the leading cause of death among men and women today. It is a disease that afflicts the elderly though adults are also prone to developing it. Over the years, the number of people suffering from lung cancer has increased which can be attributed to the changing lifestyle of the populace.

The most common cause of the development of lung cancer is directly related to cigarette smoking. Studies show that the risk of developing lung cancer increases with the number of cigarettes smoked over time. Pipe and cigar smoking also causes lung cancer but the risk is not the same as with cigarette smoking.

Cigarettes are primarily to be blamed for lung cancer because tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemical compounds with a majority of these chemicals known to be cancer-causing. The two primary cancer-causing chemicals found in tobacco smoke are called nitrosamine and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Once a person quits smoking however, the risk of developing lung cancer decreases.

Non-smokers can also develop lung cancer if they are exposed to second-hand smoke from smokers. About 3,000 deaths every year are caused by passive smoking. Another cause of lung cancer is the susceptibility of one to developing it. Genetics play an important factor to determine if one is at risk of cancer.

The presence of lung diseases and having a prior history of lung cancer are other reasons why an individual will have a slightly increased risk of developing the cancer. Aside from this, environmental factors such as air pollution are major contributors of lung cancer.

Since the disease is so prevalent nowadays, various treatment methods have been developed to combat it. These treatments include surgery and radiation therapy. But there is a recent development that involving a natural way of treating lung cancer and that is through the consumption of green tea.

A laboratory experiment has been done that tested green tea extracts to human lung cancer cells in a controlled and artificial environment. The cancer cells were placed in test tubes and were exposed to decaffeinated green tea extract. The cells were marinated in the extract for a maximum of three days. The result of this experiment shows that the green tea extract has altered a certain protein in the cancer cells making it stick together and move less. Scientists working on the experiment were not able to tell exactly what in the green tea extract worked to achieve the mentioned result.

And while the study is still not conclusive as to the consumption of green tea to be an effective treatment against lung cancer, it serves as the first step of developing drugs which will simulate the effects of exposing green tea extracts to the cancer cells. Through this breakthrough experiment, there is still hope for a lung cancer cure.

Nevertheless, one will not lose anything in believing that a certain natural remedy works for him. Besides, green tea is one herb that is very rich in antioxidants vital to the well-being of a person and known to combat other diseases as well.

Learn more about the lung cancer and how to control it at http://www.lung-cancer-cause.com/ and http://www.lung-cancer-cause.com/lung-cancer-symptoms/

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Green Tea Brewing Guide

Green tea is believed to have many healthful benefits. If you have ever tasted a good cup of green tea it can be reviving and delicious. However the delicate nature of this tea does demand a certain watchful eye when preparing it. Here is an easy to follow guide on how to brew an outstanding cup of green tea.

• Use high quality tea a lesser quality will not yield as good a flavor.
• If using lesser quality, boil water and steep for a longer period of time. This will help extract the flavors.
• When using the preferred high quality tea do not boil the water. Gently heat the water and steep the tea. Steep for about half the time recommended, if let go too long the flavor will turn bitter and sharp.
• Never use an aluminum pot to boil water. It will change the flavor of the tea. A cooper pot is ideal.
• Use only porcelain or ceramic to steep the tea.
• If the water does boil allow it to cool for 1-3 minutes before adding the tea. To ascertain the proper water temperature, check the direction of the steam. If the steam is drifting straight up the water is too hot. When the steam drifts sideways the water is at the proper temperature.

About the Author

Shauna Hanus is a gourmet cook who specializes in creating gourmet meal plans. She has extensive experience cooking with easy to find grocery items to create delightful gourmet meals. She is also the publisher of a no cost bi-monthly gourmet newsletter. Her newsletter is always fun and informational packed with tips and trivia you can use everyday. http://www.gourmayeats.com

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Types of Green Chai Tea

Many different types of tea are consumed by people around the world. For centuries Europeans have been drinking tea and for millennia Asians have been drinking green tea. The main producers and exporters of green tea throughout the world include China, Argentina, Japan, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Tanzania. Green tea is available in many flavors, one of which is green chai tea.

Many wonder what the fad about green chai tea is. Basically the original green tea from eastern countries has nothing to do with green chai tea. Western marketing firms created it in the 21st century. The word chai originated in the first place when the tea was different from the original green tea from India.

Westernized Chai

In several languages “chai” means tea and started in the Indian language. Chimney, chai, masala chai, milk chai and several others are the most famous chais in India. India is actually the origin of the original green chai tea, where it was typically served at houses and chai stops all over the country without milk. The addition of honey and sugar can enhance this particular green chai tea. For inspiration many western companies probably looked to this tea and decided to commercialize green teas because of their popularity. Soon they were added to the roster of products sold in western countries like the United States.

Green chai tea is now famous everywhere in the western world and is an alternative to coffee for many people who want a healthy drink that will help keep them fit without have to go to the east. Single-serve and ready to drink tea lattes are the most common forms. Day by day the green chai tea industry is growing strong as time goes by. This is because people are becoming more concerned with their food intake and health. They find that green tea derivatives fit the bill since they burn their fat or cholesterol and help boost their energy levels.

Kashmir green chai tea, spicy tea latte, organic green chai tea are just a few of the various flavors that green chai tea comes in. They are very high in antioxidants just like the original teas and are extremely useful to the bodies immune systems. They can last for a long time since they are well packed so they are both economical to purchase and healthy.

Colin Holcomb is writer of Green Tea Information. He also writes on green tea home remedies and different types of green tea product.

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Berries and Green Tea Are the Best Sources of Antioxidants

By : D.J. Murphy

In order to get the health benefits that are provided by antioxidants you have to know where the best sources of antioxidants are. You should know what foods and drinks you should be eating and drinking on a regular basis. Although here are quite a few foods and drinks that have the reputation as being the best sources of antioxidants two simple sources are described in this article.


The first source of antioxidants I will discuss is berries. Berries are amongst the best sources of antioxidants in the world. This is true of all types of berries, such as raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and kiwi fruits just to name a few.

As you know Antioxidants have important disease-fighting properties and the high amounts that are contained in all of these foods have beneficial effects on your health when included in a balanced diet. Studies have found that antioxidants are able to help prevent and repair the stress in the body that comes from oxidation which is a natural process that occurs during normal cell function.

There is a catch however that you are going to want to be aware of, and this is that even though some foods are considered as being some of the best sources of antioxidants, the body is not able to absorb it all. This is why variety in your diet is so important. You should not just start eating only berries because you know that they are high in antioxidants, but rather eat a variety of food that you know is going to be healthy for you.

A healthy, balanced diet is important for your health for many different reasons and the inclusion of antioxidants is just one consideration you should make when choosing what foods you will eat.

Green Tea

Another source of antioxidants is green tea. We have all heard for quite some time now just how beneficial green tea is to our health, and besides the fact that it contains caffeine, there is almost nothing in the world healthier and better for our bodies than green tea.

Another benefit of green tea is simply taking the time from our seemingly increasingly busy and hectic lives to sit down quietly for a few minutes to enjoy a nice cup of tea.

Moderation in all things is important and, just as with anything else, rather than changing completely your entire diet to include only these foods, you should just make sure that you are eating a properly balanced diet. Make sure to include some of the foods from each of the different food groups, and then include some of the foods and drinks high in antioxidants to finish off your diet plan.

You can talk to your doctor if you want to get more information on this and get some helpful tips and advice on how to go about supplementing your diet with foods more rich in antioxidants. Even by just including a small amount of antioxidant rich foods in your diet you will still be benefiting.

Author Resource:- Visit http://ThinkThinSeeSlim.com for more advice for a healthy diet and information on antioxidants (http://thinkthinseeslim.com/category/antioxidants)

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Green Tea and Cholesterol Facts

By: Sudhir.k.Pandit

A green and lush oasis in the middle of a scorching dessert. A cool breeze on a hot summer night. A bright light in the end of a cold and dark tunnel. Green tea and cholesterol.

For the millions and millions of people suffering from high cholesterol green tea may be that light. You can browse and search the Internet for topics on green tea and cholesterol and would come up with hundred of hits.

Cholesterol, triglycerides, the protein apoB in LDLs, are words dreaded by humans of the modern age. This new century is expected to become the century of medical miracles, the green tea, lowly as it may sound looks very promising as several researches have shown. This could be the decade of green tea and cholesterol.

More good news is it's not just green tea and cholesterol; it's also green tea and cancer. Several studies have shown that the antioxidants are present in green tea. The Journal of the National Cancer Institute published the results of an epidemiological study indicating that drinking green tea reduced the risk of esophageal cancer in Chinese men and women by nearly sixty percent. Another research done by the University of Purdue researchers recently concluded that a compound in green tea inhibits the growth of cancer cells. In another study by the University of Kansas determined that EGCG may explain why the rate of heart disease among Japanese men is quite low, even though approximately seventy-five percent are smokers.

And more good news! It's not just green tea and cholesterol; it's also green tea and high blood pressure. Habitually drinking 5 to 10 cups a day of green tea lowers high blood pressure.

For more that 4,000 years the Chinese have known about the medicinal benefits of green tea since using it to treat everything from headaches to depression. So it's not just green tea and cholesterol; it's also green tea and depression!

Drinking green also is reported to be helpful with rheumatoid arthritis, Cardiovascular disease, infection, and impaired immune function.

Green tea is rich in catechin polyphenols, especially epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is a good anti-cancer element. Polyphenol limits the negative effects of smoking and a fatty diet.

There's more! It's not just green tea and cholesterol; it's also green tea and weight loss. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a report that found out that men who were given a combination of caffeine and green tea extract burned more calories than those given only caffeine.

How about green tea and tooth decay anyone? Its bacteria-destroying abilities kill the bacteria that cause dental decay. So it's not just green tea and cholesterol, it's also green tea and bacteria.

Why is it that it's green tea and cholesterol not oolong tea or black tea? As we all know there are 3 types of tea, green, oolong and black. All of these come from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. But why green? Green tea leaves are steamed, which prevents the EGCG compound from being oxidized while black and oolong tea leaves are made from dried or fermented leaves, which causes loss of EGCG.

We should have learned speaking mandarin or fukien a long time ago and got to know green tea and cholesterol lowering the Chinese way.

There is more to green tea and cholesterol, search the web and get to know more of the heath benefits you may get from green tea. Does anyone know how to say green tea in Chinese?

Article Source: http://www.articlesbasecamp.com

Did you find this article useful? For more useful tips and hints, points to ponder and keep in mind, techniques, and insights pertaining to cancer, do please browse for more information at our websites. www.infozabout.com www.infozabout.com www.cancer.infozabout.com

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Friday, September 19, 2008

The Benefits of Acai - Consider it Nature's Powerhouse

By : Shannon Pollock

Every now and then we hear about a new "super food" that is supposed to be the latest and greatest for our health. It then quietly falls out of the limelight to make way for the next "big thing." But, once in a while, a real superstar comes along that deserves all the attention it gets.

Acai is one of these foods.

The acai palm is a native to Central and South America. The hearts of these and other palms are used in salads; the oils in myriad foods, cosmetics, and other consumer items; the leaves are used for weaving mats, roof thatch, hats, etc.; the wood is widely used in construction because it is resistant to insects; and the roots and bark are used in traditional native medicines.

But it is the blackish-purple grape-sized acai berries (which are actually drupes, like coconuts) that are the part that has been the staple of the Amazon region's natives' diet for centuries - and most likely the secret to their health and longevity - and that have been getting so much media attention.

Acai berries contain calcium; antioxidants; the essential fatty acids omega six and omega nine; fiber; protein; vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, and E; and anthocyanins (the same heart-healthy flavinoids found in red wine). They contain most of these nutrients in more concentrated amounts than other fruits and vegetables. They have, for example, nine times the vitamin B1 as cow's milk, and ten times the antioxidants as grapes.

The health benefits of acai are nothing short of amazing. Research has proven, and continues to prove as further studies are carried out, that acai: can fight cancer cells, heart disease, bacterial and fungal infections; control cholesterol; promote a healthy immune system, healthy skin and hair; reduce pain through its anti-inflammatory properties; can increase your energy level, sex drive, and help you sleep better at night.

As if that weren't enough, acai has a pleasing, distinct flavor that has been described as chocolate-like and fruity at the same time - somewhat like a chocolate-covered cherry.

Because acai berries go rancid quickly after picking due to their high fat content, they lose most of their nutritional content within twenty-four hours. So, until there is a way to keep berries fresh during transport, consumers will have to be content with the frozen pulp processed from the freshly-harvested berries. This pulp can be used to make smoothies or any other dish in which you would ordinarily use berries and other fruit. Acai juice is also available, but is often blended with other juices, so make sure any juice you buy has a high acai content.

Acai is now available in supplement form, as well, which makes getting its health benefits even easier. You can find it alone or in conjunction with other beneficial, complementary supplements.

Like with other healthful foods, the only thing you have to risk losing in trying acai, is bad health! Author Resource:- Shannon Pollock has been teaching people about natural health remedies for many years. She is a specialist with experience in natural remedies for both people and animals.

For more information on the benefits of acai, as well as other natural health related topics, visit Shannon's website called Natural Health Remedies and More

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What is the Impact of Acai Berry on Aging?

By: George Alarcon

People have written countless stuff on acai berry by now. The vast majority has been extemely positive and not one thing has yet been stated about this amazing fruit. The acai berry is a kind of a secret from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil; the natives carefully hand-pick the incredibly nutritious acai berries from the tops of palm trees. The acai fruit tends to grow wildly on top of these palm trees. The acai fruit has a deep purple color and is well-known to be fully loaded in important nutrients.

Acai berry not only can play a vital role in helping us keep up our health at a peak level but can also help stop potential health problems from happening in the first place like heart-related conditions and even cancer. The benefits from consuming this very nutritious berry are almost endless. In fact, according to a world renowned anti-aging expert, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, acai berry is one fruit he highly recommends adding to one's daily diet. Why? This most-talked about berry is a very nutritious and one of the most powerful foods found in the world.

A very important health benefit that acai berry can offer is the amazing ability it has on the overall aging process because of its antioxidant properties that come from its concentration of anthocyanin. Because of this concentration of anthocyanin, acai has been recognized as one of the foremost superfoods for anti-aging; these properties are in fact the same one believed to be responsible for providing red wine with its reported health benefits; yet, acai berry contains from 10 to 30 times more anthocyanins than red wine.

Acai berries are able to fight free radicals which are the main cause of the aging process as they start to destroy in the long run different sections of the human body from within. For example, the amino acids and trace minerals that are found in acai help in ideal muscle contraction and regeneration; this helps slow down the destructive effects to the skin which cause the signs of aging.

Still a second example: the fatty acid in acai is high in monounsaturated oleic acid which together with omega 3 fish oils enter cell membranes and help to make them suppler; this in fact permits for neurotransmitters, hormones, and insulin receptors to work more efficiently, diminishing inflammation. Remember: inflammation is a leading cause of the aging process.

Acai fruit offers so many wonderful benefits to anyone who wants to improve his/her overall health.

Article Source: http://www.articlesnatch.com

About the Author:
Discover all the indisputable benefits that have made acai berry famous around the world at http://www.acai.vg/acai_benefits.html

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Acai Detox - How Will it Help My Body?

By: Robert Melkonyan

A lot has been said about the miraculous natural product called Acai but, what does it do? What does each component found in this fruit will do for your body? These are very important questions that everyone who is interested about the Acai diet and products should clearly understand before purchasing and taking supplements based on this fruit. Let's go ahead and tackle some of the questions that most people ask when it comes to the ingredients and effects of this natural product.

Is Acai a magic bullet when it comes to health?

As much as everyone would like to hear, Acai is not intended to treat each and every ailment known to man, while it does have many nutrients and compounds that target many diseases and conditions, it can't be considered a magic bullet which will solve each of every ailment that we know today. The following is a list of benefits that will give you a pretty good idea about what Acai can do for your body:

-- Increase your energy and strength: this is one of the most basic benefits associated with this Brazilian fruit, it is highly recommended to consume and drink natural beverages which contain Acai instead of drinking artificial energy drinks which heavily rely on high amounts of sugar and caffeine.

-- You will look and feel younger: while this phrase may sound a bit cheesy it is actually true that one of the confirmed benefits of Acai, involves slowing down the aging process, this is accomplished due to the high levels of antioxidants which prevent cellular decay and damage by toxins.

-- Regulate your blood pressure and cholesterol levels: this berry contains a good amount of omega-3 and omega-9 compounds which are known to help regulate levels of cholesterol that will in turn affect the overall health of your heart (for the better)

-- May help prevent cancer: studies conducted at the University of Florida showed very promising results after an extract of Acai was able to trigger a self-destructive process amongst a cellular cultivation of leukemia, while the results that can be achieved through a controlled environment are different from what can be achieved inside a person's organism, the results do provide hope to researchers who now believe that they are coming closer and closer to a more effective treatment of cancerous cells and tissues.

-- Strengthen your immune system: many of the new printing compounds found in this Brazilian berry are known to stimulate the immune system and make people less vulnerable to contracting diseases.

-- Weight loss: one of the most popular benefits that the Acai berry provides is that it regulates metabolic system of those who consume it; this will help people burn extra calories a lot faster.

There are many more benefits and positive effects that can be attributed to this miraculous Brazilian berry and as more studies are conducted the more people are amazed about the incredible properties that such natural product has always had.

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Acaiberrytablets.com is the best source for Acai blend and Acai supplement information. To get more tips about using this antiaging natural solution visit our website today!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Advice About Acne Scar Removal

There are myriad acne alternative treatments being sold today, all purport to clear up your skin pronto. Many websites a full of pages of testimonials from people who have used the treatments and been cured. And some of them have been. The trouble is that an acne alternative that works for one doesn't work for another.

No matter what the claims of the various people who sell skin care products, facials, and nutritional regimens to clear up your skin, nobody knows until a particular treatment is tried on an individual whether it's going to do much good. Unfortunately, that means for most of us, it's hit or miss.

Once you've gotten fed up with the antibiotics, topical treatments and Accutane offered by your dermatologist, where do you begin? Or, maybe you never wanted to go that route in the first place. Whatever drove you to seek a nontraditional acne alternative, you have to begin somewhere.

First, consult widely. Chances are very good that you know several people who have had acne and cleared it up or who have it now and are in the process of clearing it up. Learn from their experience. Take notes. Then try some of the things that have worked for them. Hope for the best, but realize that it might take some time before you hit on the combination of products, treatments and lifestyle changes that will help you the most.

Another thing is that some acne alternative products containing the same basic ingredients vary greatly in price. Learn what the active ingredients are in products and try the less expensive versions of them before you pay for the more costly ones.

It's also a great idea to seek the help of professionals. Naturopaths have regiments of vitamins, herbs and gentle cleansers that can work wonders. The very expensive prescription medicine Accutane is actually derived from plain old Vitamin A, and under a naturopath's care, you can take high doses of Vitamin A for predetermined periods, along with other vitamins and herbs and potentially clear up your skin without the side effects of Accutane, which, if you are female, can include birth defects in your children should become pregnant while taking the drug.

A promising acne alternative is light therapy. For many, acne is cleared up with the application of red and blue ultraviolet light for a set amount of time each day. It's possible to purchase a device online that safely emits this type of light. They cost in the range of $200. This is a less expensive alternative to try before going to an esthetician who has similar, more powerful equipment. The truth is it's likely to take some time before you find what works for you. The trick is to not give up. Keep trying until you find your solution.

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Richard Henderson lives in Las Vegas. You can visit his website about Acne Scar Removal here. http://www.health-and-beauty-advice.com/Acne-Scar-Removal.html

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Acne ScarRemoval 101

By: keshavlaxmi

Some usual afflictions are existent for centuries. Among the more ragged ones is the skin disorder called acne. You may also know this skin problem as pimples, blemishes, whiteheads, blackheads and zits. Notwithstanding the name that you identify it with, the suffering will be no different. It will make you feel loathsome. Come on, after all we are human beings. It goes without saying that all of us would love to escape from this condition. Well, whether you are in the stage of battling off daily acne outbreaks or past the eruptions and now dealing with the aftermath, many treatments and cures are available. All research and advances in the field of medicine give you many options from preventive cure to total eradication. Let us start changing your complexion the right way.

If you rewind a couple of decades, you will notice that there was not much available in regards to acne scar removal. Sure, teenagers and adults alike were dealing with the ugly looks created by acne pimples, but those who were more mature, and simply burdened by the aftermath of zits, could only cover up their acne scars. It is all history now. Welcome to a optimistic future where elegant complexions are possible, even if you had borne the ill effects of acne at any time in the past. Some of the more recommended and popular cures for acne scar removal are chemical peels, Microderm abrasion and laser treatments. You are cautioned though, at the outset about chemical peels is that they rapidly exfoliate several layers of skin, hence making your face sensitive for quite some time. As a precautionary measure you will need to avoid sun exposure and rough actions such as scrubs. It has been found that most individuals who undergo a chemical peel have a tendency to be red for long time. Microderm abrasion ranks very high among various cures for acne scar removal as of now. This is a smooth approach to eradicate remove dead surface skin to reveal the young and youthful blush.

For those seeking the latest acne scar removal procedure available, you have the choice of laser scar removal. This recently developed process burns lifeless material like layers of epidermis, and makes your compelxion smooth. Quite easily all of these acne scar removal treatments call for involvement of a professional.

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Contact a local spa or dermatologist to get your youthful glow back - lazar acne scar removal - acne scar removal.

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Acne Scar Removal: How To Do It The Right Way

By: Oliver Turner

Acne scar removal is effective when done properly, with the right products.

For many individuals, acne scar removal is the best solution to having scars removed from their body. Many individuals spend years dealing with acne in one form or the next. They find that there are many products on the market that do little to actually help them to remove acne. Acne scars can be devastating to their self esteem and outward appearance. Many individuals will deal with confidence issues because of their scars. Yet, acne scar removal can be the exact answer to their needs.

How Do They Work?

Selecting the right product for acne scar removal is important in the process. What individuals need to know is how the product actually works. For some situations, the product will work by exfoliating the skin enough to create new skin growth in the area of the scar. When the new skin heals, the scar will be gone or much less noticeable. These exfoliating products work well for many. Often, this acne scar treatment is called a chemical peel.

There are both natural and chemical forms of this type of acne scar treatment. Many of them work in the same method with the goal of removing the top layers of skin to help improve the skin’s condition. Other products work by gently and effectively removing the scar through topical treatments. In any case, the method for which the acne treatment works should provide some results rather quickly.

How To Select The Appropriate One

When selecting an acne scar removal product, insure that you understand how the product works. Find out how it will work to remove the scars on your body. Also, insure that you are not allergic to anything in the product. If you are unsure, test the product on a small area of skin to see if there is a reaction within a day’s time. Also, you should notice where the removal treatment is used. Some are not meant for the face while others will not be able to be used on the neck or body.

Acne scar removal can actually help to reform the skin and the soul when it is selected wisely.

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We have made a research to find the best acne treatments. Find it only on the Fast removal of acne scars website. All about acne treatments on LeanderNet - http://www.leandernet.com

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Acne Scar Removal - Pain Free

By: Hans Hasselfors

No one likes acne that leave scars, but there are ways to help remove them. If you've severe acne in the past, or if you have pimples now, and they're leaving scars, there is help. Know what some of your options are for treatment, and understand that acne scar removal is possible even with persistent acne woes, and scarring.

If you feel that you need help removing scars from pimples, it can be done relatively pain free. Today's options for removing scars are up to date and modern. There are all kinds of treatments, but only a qualified dermatologist can help you get those scars off of your face or body, so you can start feeling confident about how you look. Depending on the type of acne that you've had, or are experiencing now, your doctor will determine the routine of acne scar removal that you need. They're trained in the right way to treat all types of skin problems, and it's always best to leave treatment decisions in their hands for acne scar removal.

Some of the different ways that this is done can range from medication, surgery, and light or laser therapy. Medications like Tetracycline are antibiotics that will clear up acne by stopping infection, and the skin heals naturally. Another type of medication that helps with acne scar removal is called Accutane. It has high doses of Vitamin A that eliminate oils from the skin, and cuts down on the scarring by eliminating infection. There are potential side effects of the antibiotics and Accutane. After a while you can develop immunity to the antibiotics, or even become very allergic to the medications. If you take Accutane you can't take it at all if you are pregnant, or might become pregnant because it causes birth defects. Only a dermatologist should prescribe this type of acne scar removal.

Light or laser therapy is great for removing scars that are moderate or severe too. You'll know that your doctor is recommending these types of acne scar removal treatments when Blue or Red Light Therapy is discussed. Fotofacials are another type that is often used too. It rids your skin of scars by using pulsating frequencies of lights or lasers. Scars are either totally removed, or they are faded to the point that a good makeup will hide the remaining evidence. The best thing about it is that results are sometimes better with this type of acne scar removal treatment. It's important too that medications don't have to be used for an extended period, and it's not as dangerous. Acne scar removal is possible, and all you have to do is to make an appointment, and start on the way to healing your scars on your body, and your outlook on you.

This information is not presented by a medical practitioner and is for educational and informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional acne medical advice, acne diagnosis, or acne treatments. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical acne scar removal condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read. Since natural and/or dietary supplements are not FDA approved they must be accompanied by a two-part disclaimer on the product label: that the statement has not been evaluated by FDA and that the product is not intended to "diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any acne disease".

Article Source: http://www.articlesnatch.com

About the Author:
Hans Hasselfors is the founder of SubmitYourNewArticle.com. Visit our article directory for varied articles about acne scar removal.

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Herbal Teas And Their Benefits

By: Victor Epand

Herbal teas are a great way to relax and calm yourself. If you have trouble sleeping, drink a cup of herbal tea. Some herbs, such as Chamomile, contain natural sedative properties, so falling asleep after a cup of hot tea is very common.

Herbal teas or tisanes, to give them their proper name, are made by infusing herbs in boiling water.

Herbal teas are made with fresh or dried herbs, flowers, fruit, roots, berries, hips and spices. They can be prepared from one type of herb or plant, or a combination of several, depending on the desired result and flavor. Since herbal infusions do not contain actual leaves from the tea bush, they are totally caffeine free.

For generations, herbal tea have been used in the Eastern world as a preventative measure and as a significant contribution to good health.

Avoid over steeping your herbs as some flavors such as peppermint can intensify and become rather medicinal instead of pleasant. Herbal teas can be enhanced with a little honey or natural sugar such as gur.

With a wide variety of health benefits, such as soothing effects, anti-viral aid, and detoxification, herbal tea has health benefits that go beyond mere hydration.

Apart from relaxing the body, most are high in vitamin C and rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants protect the human body from damage by free radicals, providing some protection against cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Herbal teas nourish our nervous systems and strengthen our immune systems. They ease cold symptoms, calm the nerves and relieve nausea, motion sickness, and dizziness.

It should be noted however that some herbal teas are not safe to drink during pregnancy. Chamomile tea, for instance, has been reported to have adverse effects on the uterus. Therefore avoid chamomile tea during pregnancy. Those that are safe to drink during pregnancy include citrus peel, ginger, lemon balm, orange peel and rose hip. Ginger, it should be noted, is known to ease morning sickness.

Sometimes, an infant with colic can be soothed by the mothers consumtion of chamomile tea. The chamomile enters the mother's milk and when the child drinks her milk it soothes his stomach.

Regular consumption of these herbal tea beverages is proven to generate fresh breathe, rejuvenate skin tone and cool body temperature.

So remember, herbal tea is totally caffeine free, it is 100% natural without any chemical additions and it is a traditional health drink that is invigorating in itself and offers many medical benefits to health. Not only that but it leaves you with a lingering and wonderfully warm feeling of well being. Whether to warm you after a cold winters day or to soothe frazzled nerves, herbal tea is a calming way to go for many.

Article Source: http://www.article-worx.com Article Directory

Victor Epand is an expert consultant for Krishna art, religious gifts from India, and Hare Krishna books. You can find the best marketplace for Krishna art, religious gifts from India, and Hare Krishna books at these sites for Krishna art, herbal tea gifts from India, and Hare Krishna books.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lasik Eye Surgery Video

Every wondered what happens during a lasik eye surgery? This delicate eye surgery happens only for several minutes and after that the patient can go home.
Watch the following lasik eye surgery operation from start to finish. A great improvement in vision follows after the surgery.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oregano Is More Than A Kitchen Herb

By: Darrell Miller

Oregano can be used for many things other than just a kitchen herb, and its medicinal uses are well documented in both Chinese and Western medicine. Before looking at the medicinal uses, however, a quick review of the herb itself and the active ingredients, will provide some of the theoretical information needed to understand these uses.

Oregano is also called pot marjoram, and is native to Europe; mainly the Mediterranean areas of Southern Europe, and also to central and southern Asia. It can be grown in most temperate climates and has a place in most herb gardens in the western world. Like many such plants, it is high in flavonoids that are well known for their antioxidant properties. It also possesses antibacterial properties that render the herb useful in the preservation of foods.

Used by the Chinese in the treatment of gastric problems, jaundice, vomiting and fever, oregano also contains the monoterpene phenol known as thymol that has strong antiseptic properties, and its isomer, carvacrol, another antibiotic that acts synergistically with thymol to increase the antibacterial effect of both. The ingredients of oregano oil are very similar to those found in thyme, which is used medicinally for much the same type of conditions as oregano.

Oregano extracts have been used for centuries to treat a variety of conditions such as those above that can be caused by microbial action, and also other conditions relating to the digestive, respiratory and immune systems. The overuse of prescription drugs for fairly common respiratory and digestive problems has resulted in the over-prescription of antibiotics. People tend to rush to their doctors at the first signs of a cough or a sneeze, and in the current litigious society, the physicians are loathe telling their patients the truth: that they are overreacting, and that they do not require antibiotics for their treatment.

Should the patient’s condition worsen the doctors find themselves at the receiving end of a massive claim for damages because the patient has had to take a few more days of work than they should have. Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but there is no doubt whatsoever that certain medications are being prescribed when there is no need, simply so that the physician cannot be accused of making the wrong call and the resultant financial cost that would ensue.

Hence, many respiratory and gastrointestinal problems are becoming more common, because they are becoming increasingly resistant to the common penicillin clones that are normally used to treat them. Natural remedies are becoming more popular because they are now becoming more effective than the more ‘traditional’ pharmaceutical antibiotics. Oregano oil is one of those that contain at least two very effective antibiotic and antimicrobial substances that act synergistically to help cure many bacterial digestive and respiratory problems.

Throat infections, pneumonia and diseases of the trachea and other upper respiratory infections are generally bacterial infections, and doctors and researchers are increasingly seeking more effective drugs to which the bacteria have not developed resistance. Wild oregano is one of these that have been described by ancient civilizations over 5 millennia ago as being suitable cures for heart and lung conditions, and also snake bites and other wounds.

Oregano oil is once again receiving prominence in the search for alternative cures to which bacteria have not become resistant. Thymol and carvacrol can aid digestion and also calm upset stomachs. Oregano combats digestive problems caused by bacteria and also reduces intestinal gas and similar general conditions. Many other plants have similar properties, such as thyme and marjoram, that share similar constituents, and it is likely its effect in suppressing microbial activity that renders oregano so effective in treating these problems.

Oregano extract is available in the form of Oil of Oregano for the treatment of these conditions, or the herb itself can be used in cooking and in salads. It is very aromatic and goes with practically any type of salad.

Its effect on respiratory problems is also likely due to the antibacterial action of the thymol and carvacrol. Oregano oil has also been found effective in treating toothache, earache and relieving the itch of insect bites. It contains a number of minerals, such as manganese, copper, iron, zinc, potassium and calcium, essential in human biochemistry, and vitamins A and C that are strong antioxidants. The effect of oregano in helping to support the immune system through its antioxidant effect is also likely to be a significant factor in its curative properties for so many diseases and infections.

Not only is it effective in killing off some campylobacter and staphylococcus infections, to name only two, but it has also been shown to be a potent agent in killing off the common amoeba Giardia lamblia, that causes flatulence, vomiting, diarrhea and other problems of the digestive tract. This could explain some of its curative effects for many gastrointestinal conditions.

Other uses are for the treatment of yeast, fungus and parasitic infections, such as candida, although you must make sure that in using oregano, you are using it in the right form. The oregano you use must be the oily extract, because dried oregano has few health benefits apart from its mineral content, and the oregano you buy from local store will not be the same.

If you are finding it difficult to throw off a bacterial infection, in spite of prescribed antibiotics, give oregano oil a try. Bacteria, yeasts and fungi do not become resistant to it, and you might be pleasantly surprised with the ease with you have resolved your problem. The same is true of any persistent digestive problem you might have. That could be due to amoeba (if serious), bacteria or parasites, and oregano can deal with each of these. It will not kill off all bacteria or parasites, but you will have a better chance of overcoming the bacteria by using it than if you didn’t try it.

Oregano is definitely more than a kitchen herb, and in fact it probably has more medicinal uses that culinary ones. Although you should seek the advice of your physician if you are pregnant, there are few side effects and it is well worth trying if you are finding it difficult to throw off your condition or infection. Oregano Oil extract is available at your local or internet health food store.

Article Source: http://www.smartfindsdirectory.com

More information on Oregano Oil to fix what ails you can be found at VitaNet, LLC Health Food Store. vitanetonline.com/

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