Friday, January 7, 2011

Tava Tea – Super Slimming Tea Causes a Stir

Jan 2nd, 2011 | By SueE 

It really is not surprising that so many of us feel self conscious about our bodies. The idealised image of the body seems to be everywhere and all of us want to look stunning and beautiful. However in reality many of us are struggling to lose unwanted weight and are feeling pretty hopeless when it comes to acquiring a better-looking, healthier body.

We seem to put off the idea of weight loss because on some levels it feels impossible. If only there was an easier way to lose weight that required no strict fitness routines getting in the way of our social lives, then we would do it! If only we could lose weight without giving up our favourite foods, then we could achieve that great look. If only we could trust in the numerous chemical supplements to help us on our weight loss quest, then we would; and so the list goes on…

However contrary to popular believe that the way to weight loss is all about chemical supplements, restrictive diets and hours lost in the gym, there is a simple healthy organic solution. And no, it’s not some wacky weight loss plan, but a hot cup of Tava Tea.

It really is what we have all been waiting for, a chance to get a fantastic body without the gym, complicated diets and dodgy pills! Tava tea is made of all organic, natural tea leaves, which are proven to not only aid weight loss, but provide a better overall feeling of well being. The three active ingredients are Wuyi Cliff Oolong (Wu Long), Pu’erh and Sencha, all of which are leaves from the green tea family.

What makes Tava tea special is that this combination of tea leaves is superior to basic green tea on its own. This fusion contains anti-oxidants, cholesterol reducing properties, digestion enhancing components and the promotion of blood circulation. And to top it all of these fine ingredients are said to keep teeth healthy and reverse the signs of ageing, hooray! These carefully selected tea leaves promote weight loss by accelerating the body’s natural calorie burning mechanism, which means you will have your desired shape in no time!

Further more we can really put our trust into this wonderful brew, because scientific backing proves its amazing properties. Clinical studies in Japan have found that Tava tea increases metabolic rate and reduces the fat gaining effects of carbohydrates.


Slimmer Tea
Tava Tea - an amazing green tea blend