Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bryant McKinnie turning to Venus Williams for help slimming down

By Sean Leahy, USA TODAY

Minnesota Vikings OT Bryant McKinnie is intent on getting slimmer this offseason. And he's turning to tennis' Williams sisters for help.

McKinnie has been working with both Venus Williams and Serena Williams in the Miami area as he endeavors to slim down from 360 pounds to 340.

By Jim McIsaac, Getty Images

He's currently at about 355, he told the St. Paul Pioneer Press. (Via PFT)

In the video below, McKinnie shows off some of his tennis experience with Venus.

"One thing I learned with Venus, you have to be ready to work for a long lesson," McKinnie told the Pioneer Press. "She tires you out."

Whom does he enjoy working with more, Venus or Serena?

It's Venus, McKinnie joked: "She's a better teacher."


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