Monday, February 6, 2012

The End of Illness by David B. Agus

Can we live robustly until our last breath? Do we need to suffer from weakening conditions and disease? Can we really increase the vibrant times in our lives? In The End of Illness, David B. Agus, MD, among the many world’s leading cancer doctors, researchers, and technology innovators, tackles these basic questions, challenging long-held wisdoms and taking apart misperceptions about what “health” means. By using a blend of storytelling, landmark research, and provocative ideas on health, Dr. Agus provides an eye-opening concept of the human body as well as the ways it works-and fails-showing us how a new perspective on our individual health will allow each of us to achieve that mostly elusive but now reachable goal of a lengthy, healthy existence.

This indispensable book isn't just a manifesto-a call for revising the way we ponder health-it’s also filled with sensible but impossible-to-ignore recommendations, including:

• How consuming multivitamins and supplements could significantly raise our threat for cancer in time.

• Why sitting down most of the day, regardless of a strenuous early morning workout, can be as unhealthy as or more serious than cigarette smoking.

• How sneaky supplies of daily inflammation-from high heels towards common cold-can lead to a fatal cardiac arrest, as well as deprive us of our peace of mind.

• How three inexpensive medications-aspirin, statins, as well as an annual flu vaccine-can substantially alter the course of our wellbeing for the better.

• How having cutting corners to health via blending vegetables and fruit, and sometimes even by buying what we think is “fresh,” might be shortchanging our wellbeing.

• The one most important thing we could do today to preserve our health and happiness that costs practically nothing.

The End of Illness may be a daring call for all of us to become our very own personal health advocates, and a significant departure from orthodox reasoning. It is a seminal work that promises to transform how we live.

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