Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Caffeine and Cellulite

Caffeine is latest anti cellulite weapon

Anti-cellulite cream doesn't remove the "orange-peel" cellulite appearance completely. But it's a temporary technique for cellulite reduction. It works by plumping up the skin, creating a smoother texture when massaged on cellulite prone areas. For better results, choose anti-cellulite creams that contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and other ingredients that help to stimulate blood flow.

If you do purchase anti-cellulite creams, make sure to check for the availability of some key ingredients listed below:

Some cellulite cream used caffeine to fight cellulite. Caffeine, the active ingredient in many cellulite creams, works to tighten blood vessels. There have not been any reports showing that caffeine is successful in cellulite reduction. But we are seeing this is a very big trend in creams. So some products may list "caffeine" or "coffee" but remember that "caffeine" can be derived from black and green teas as well -- so make sure to read the label carefully.

CoffeeBerry is the fruit of the coffee plant from which the coffee bean is derived. It's another way of stating that caffeine is an active ingredient in the product. CoffeeBerry can have a higher level of antioxidants depending on when the fruit was selected.

Cellulite cream containing aminophylline is used to reduce the bumpy, dimpling effect of cellulite. Aminophylline is said to break down fat cells into fatty acids. The extent of effectiveness of aminophylline in cellulite reduction is still unknown. However, some patients reported successful reduction of cellulite after using aminophylline treatment cream. Take note that anti-cellulite cream containing aminophylline must be kept away from heat and used quickly.

Some anti-cellulite cream use Retinols to improve skin texture and is a common ingredient in wrinkle treatment creams. Though its effectiveness of retinols in fighting cellulite is still in debate, retinol is used to improve the thickness of the epidermis and circulation to the skin. Since retinoid or Vitamin A derivatives can be destroyed when expose to light, it is best to apply retinol based cream at night.

AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids)
More and more cellulite cream make used of AHAs such as lactic acid and glycolic acid to fight cellulite. AHA helps accelerate the removal of the superficial layer of dead cells.

Herbal Cellulite Lotion
Citric, Tartaric and Phytic acids derived from fruits and plants are active ingredients used in cellulite treatment lotions. Herbal cellulite lotion helps to improve the tone and texture of skin in cellulite prone areas.

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Coffee Grounds

There's a reason most cellulite treatments contain caffeine; it's believed to breakdown a certain fat-storing enzyme. And though clinical studies supporting this are few, the consensus is that caffeine helps at least reduce the appearance of cellulite on the surface; an idea by which I stand. You've heard me sling it before—coffee-based body scrub—and the effects I saw after using it for only a week. But going through a $12 tub every two weeks got pricey, so I started saving my coffee grounds for a homemade version. Take your used grounds, dry them on a paper towel, then add to a bowl with cinnamon (for circulation) and your favorite oil (I use olive or coconut). The rest is even easier: Scrub on in the shower and rinse off. Tell me if you don't LOVE it!

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Caffeine For Cellulite + A Simple Recipe Worth Trying

 Everyone is always racing to the stores for the new beauty products that promise better skin. But did you ever consider the ingredients that go into half that stuff? Most people don’t even know what the stuff on the ingredients list is, nor can they even pronounce it! Our skin is designed to absorb everything it touches, from sun light to water. Now, though I use some lotions but not often, I wouldn’t put it past the ingredients that they are completely safe. I believe the safest thing for skin is natural oils such as olive oil. Anyways, as far as cellulite, everyone company has their own spray, lotion, cream, of their so called “Cure” for cellulite. THERE IS NO CURE! Cellulite is a normal part of being human. Though most of us hate it, which I do, it’s NORMAL! I don’t have a cure, and I’m not going to claim it will rid you of the stuff, but it will reduce it and over time may make it very unnoticeable. It’s a little something called caffeine! It’s naturally found in coffee beans! What it does when it touches the skin, is it improves circulation to the area of the skin thus helping the old cells be removed and causes the body to make new ones in it place! Reasons of bad cellulite have been linked to poor diet, lack of exercise, and being over weight. It also seems to get worse as we all age. I’ve come to notice, however, very thin women have it, healthy women have it, and even gym bunnies have it! In women that are less in shape, it will be worse though! Anyways, here’s a little recipe that you can try every time you shower. If you have 5 minutes then you have the time! Try it for a week or two and see if it makes a difference! God bless and happy scrubing!

Things you’ll need:

·                       One cup of sugar
·                       One cup ground coffee
·                       Two cups olive oil

To make the best cellulite cream, place coffee, sugar, and ground coffee in a blender

Blend on medium speed until mixture is mixed evenly.

Pour cellulite cream into jar with lid.

While in the shower, turn water off.

Smooth cellulite cream on legs and other problem cellulite areas on your body. Gently massage problem areas.

Rinse with water and pat dry. Use daily for best results.

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