Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How a raw food diet saved model Carol Alt from career failure

Zucchini noodles, evaporated sea salt and endless mocktails: How a raw food diet saved model Carol Alt from career failure

By Kristie Lau
carol alt on raw food

Supermodel Carol Alt has revealed details of the raw food diet that saved her career.
The 51-year-old New York-based starlet, who also works as an actress, explores her dietary regime in Easy Sexy Raw, her new book.

She told New York Daily News that as a 34-year-old model, she was almost thrown off the set of a photo shoot due to her unhealthy diet.

'I was gaining weight and starting to look old,' she said. 'They said "You're not in bathing suit condition" and called my management team over. I was so embarrassed.'
The accomplished model, who appeared on the cover of more than 500 magazines during the Eighties, has included recipes, advice and educational information about her raw food diet in the book.

It is her third cookbook in two years.

The brunette beauty has also a line of skincare products that keep in theme with the raw regime - the line is called Raw Essentials By Carol Alt.

She said that many people are lacking in the raw food their bodies yearn.

'People are hungry because their food isn't nutritious,' she explained. 'Because raw food is so nutritionally dense, you eat it and it'll feed your body.

'Take it from someone who has been through health issues, it doesn't matter if you'e the number one model in the world or you're a mechanic working on somebody's car, this is the best defense we have,' she continued.

The leggy bombshell adopted the diet regime 20 years ago after a string of weight problems.
In writing the book, the model has tried to show people how easy adopting a raw food diet can prove to be.

It includes an A-Z shopping list that details her food essentials which include nuts, fresh produce, cured fish and meats.

It also details how you are also able to 'cook' raw food, though never beyond the heat of 115-degrees Fahrenheit.

Recipes include mock tails and vegetable noodles as well as desserts.

She claimed that 'there's so much variation' in eating raw foods, which is not to be confused with a vegan diet.

The book also includes a section called Turn It Raw which aims to help people slowly convert the tastiest of dishes into raw foods including chocolate chip cookies.

She wrote on her website that a health expert had advised her many years ago to adopt a raw food diet.

She couldn't believe that anybody was telling her, a model, to eat anything.
'He wanted me to eat specific foods: raw vegetables, cold-pressed oils, evaporated sea salt, seared fish, fresh fruits - with no restrictions on the amount.,' she wrote. '
'All I could think was, "This man wants me to eat. This is the most freeing moment of my life!'