Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Bioflavonoids are water soluble pigments found in plants and fruits. The color of tomatoes, grapes, apples etc. are those pigments. They are found in the surface areas of fruits and leaves mainly for protection.

Unlike humans, plants have no shelter nor clothing. They are exposed to all kinds of weather and harmful microorganisms. They also don't have shampoos or soaps to clean themselves from germs and other harmful microorganisms.

Nature has provided plants with defenses from all kinds of threats and it can be found in the areas of and near the skin. Different colors or pigments have different compositions.

Humans can also benefit from the protections these pigments give to the plants. Bioflavonoids contain antioxidants like quercetin which can protect LDL(low level density lipoprotein) or 'bad' cholesterol from oxidative damage. Aside from that, other micronutrients which the human body can benefit are also present.

The following are some characteristics of bioflavonoids when ingested by mammals.
- it strengthens capillaries and other connective tissues.
- tissues are protected from inflammation.
- they are anti-histaminic
- they are anti-viral agents
- they have anti-tumor properties

Some health conditions can benefit from these like:
- chronic venous insufficiency
- hepatitis
- hemorrhoids
- skin ulcers
- allergies
- atherosclerosis
- bruising
- cataracts
- diabetes
- glaucoma
- macular degeneration of the eyes

Knowing these, you can enjoy a lot more from eating fruits and vegetables. Others suggests that eating 4 to 5 servings of different fruits and vegetables in a day can provide you with the antioxidants you need as well as other micronutrients that these bioflavonoids possess.

If you cannot have these four servings because of your work schedule or activities, you may consider taking antioxidant supplements.
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