Friday, September 21, 2007

BlogRush Can Add More Blog Traffic

We want people to read our content and we need traffic to achieve that. Traffic can be had from many ways: blog directories, social networks, social bookmarking, discussion forums, etc. A new way of generating traffic is this new program developed by John Reese which he calls BlogRush.

How does BlogRush generate traffic for your site?

The widget you install in your blog displays recent posts from other BlogRush members whose blogs are of the same category as yours. What's good about this is that your posts are also displayed at other member sites which you could not otherwise 'reach' or cannot put your link into.

You just install the widget and it runs in auto pilot, exposing your posts to different blogs of the same category otherwise unreachable. This blog is under the category of Health & Medicine.

To see an example of the widget, scroll down and look for the widget entirled 'From the Blogosphere' at the sidebar.

Want to generate more traffic? Join BlogRush now and improve your exposure.

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