Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How Much Caffeine Do You Take?

You may not know it but most likely you ingest caffeine almost everyday from food, drinks and even medicinal drugs. Coffee and tea are not the only beverages that contain caffeine.

In Coffee

Decaffeinated coffee has the smallest quantity of caffeine, approximate 2 to 5 mg. in a 5 oz. serving. Instant coffee is a bit higher, 47 to 68 mg. in a 5 oz. serving. Other types can range from 93 to 164 mg. in a 5 oz. serving

In Tea

Black tea has the highest caffeine content, almost comparable to instant coffee. Oolong tea comes next and green tea has the lowest caffeine content.

Longer brewing time and higher water temperatures can increase the caffeine content per serving.

In Cocoa and Chocolate

Cocoa beverages, chocolate bars and baking chocolate has caffeine too.

In Softdrinks

The cola types have caffeine content in the range similar to oolong tea. Surprisingly, mountain dew also contains caffeine.

In Medicinal Drugs

Caffeine is also an ingredient in some medicinal drugs. One reason is that caffeine can enhance the effect of pain relievers. Another reason is to counter the effect of drowsiness in some medicines.

In Energy Drinks

Red Bull contains around 80 mg. of caffeine.

Other Sources of Caffeine

Frozen deserts and candies.

It's obvious that even children are exposed to caffeine. It's not bad however if taken in moderation. Three cups of coffee in a day may be considered safe and beneficial. Six 12 oz. bottles of a caffeinated soft drink may equal the caffeine content of three cups of coffee. Eight to ten cups of tea may also reach that caffeine level.

You may find some list of caffeine content in food and drinks from the links below.


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