Friday, May 2, 2008

Cheese Packed with Antioxidants

Last month, the Dairy Farmers of America(DFA) announced new antioxidant laden cheese products by Borden Essentials. Other important ingredients of cheese are calcium, zinc, phosphorus vitamins B2 and vitamins B12. The added antioxidants brings cheese to a new level of nutrition.

How Our Body Benefits From Antioxidants

Every second we are exposed to oxidative stress caused by free radicals from our environment. Pollutions, toxins in food, irregular exercise and most importantly our own metabolic processes. Introducing antioxidants into our bodies help in neutralizing these free radicals and strengthen our immune system as well.

Who Can Benefit From Cheese With Antioxidants?

I love cheese and so are other millions of people. More than 9 billion pounds of cheese are manufactured yearly in the United States. That would mean that a large portion of Americans eat this delightful food. With this new product by Borden Essentials, cheese lovers can enjoy eating this food with the extra benefit of antioxidants.

More Food Products Should Be Manufactured With Antioxidants

Other companies should follow suit in adding antioxidants to the ingredients of their products. Junk foods are very popular, can antioxidants be added to these types of food? What do you think?

Antioxidants and Health