Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Antioxidants and Heart Disease in Women - The Real Truth

By Mark Schauss

As I have pointed out in the past, the media seems to love to distort the truth about the benefits of nutritional supplements. The media recently jumped on one of the worst studies on antioxidants done to date. Their claim, which was reported in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine was that women gained no benefit from the supplementation of antioxidants like vitamin C and E. Turns out, that was a clear distortion of the findings of the study.

In a blog I did last week I showed that the researchers did not look at the lifestyles of the study subjects which distorts the data. Today, I found out more dishonesty about the study which sickened me. Turns out that they included the data on the benefits of antioxidants from women who DID NOT TAKE the supplements. They showed no benefits to supplementation of vitamins C and E. NO KIDDING! How can any self-respecting journal publish something like that?

Back to the study. What was revealed yet not reported by the media is that those women who actually took the supplements showed a clear benefit and reduction of cardiovascular disease. What did the media report? That there was no benefit despite the evidence that there was one. How dishonest is this? Antioxidants ARE beneficial.

There are countless human studies that clearly show the benefits of taking antioxidant supplements. Why we have this bias against supplements is undoubtedly because certain pharmaceutical interests would prefer you not to prevent disease but let them treat one once you get sick. No other logical explanation exists.

Dr. Mark Schauss is a leading expert in the field of laboratory testing as it relates to nutrition. He also lectures around the world on environmental health issues. His upcoming book, Achieving Victory Over A Toxic World will cover issues from lab testing to environmental issues to his daughter's struggle with epilepsy.

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