Friday, August 15, 2008

Aromatherapy Skin Care

By: Manuel Wiggins

Aromatherapy is considered an ancient science. Its origin backs to the sixty centuries. It applies the extracted oils from trees, flowers, resins, and herbs. The importance of these oils is that they enhance mood and have cleansing properties as well. The result of modern life is shown in the effects of excessive pollution, quick food, stress, lack of suitable training, and the full-schedules of business, on our health and souls as well. People nowadays, are eager to return to ancient methods to obtain some balance. Aromatherapy is used to treat some skin troubles, especially that using basic oils. It must taking caution not to use the oils without diluting. Also, practicing some exercises of aromatherapy skin care is very important for renewal of the skin and facial skin's cells. To clean and renew the cells of skin well, it must pour 3 - 5 drops of basic oil in a hot water and add one spoon of milk or honey to the mixture. The face can be nearer to the steam of this bowl while covering the head with a towel. This way is called the facial steam. Above all, to breath that steam is the best way of relaxing.

Facial masque is another way of aromatherapy skin care. It assists in maintaining the freshness and hydration of the facial skin. To manage this way, it is important to mix 2 - 3 drops of the basic oils with honey mashed avocado, moistened clay, or egg white. It may apply to a dampened face. The masque can be left on the face for 10 - 15 minutes to allow its dry then the face may be washed thoroughly.

There is a smart way to heal and nourish the facial skin. It is to add around 10 drops of the main oil to a carrier. Mix other oils such as frankincense and German oils, according to the skin type. Facial oil blend is which called upon this method.

Another smart way of aromatherapy skin care is skin brushing. It assists in refreshing and stimulating the lymphatic system. To show the easy way, it must mix a drop of the basic oils with a little spoon full of honey. Then, it can apply the mixture on the face using the skin brush.

Taking care in selecting the basic oils is important. It must get the oils which are natural, safe and effective as well. This way may replace any other ways, in case they are not successful, especially in treating traumatic cases. As a general, it must be confirmed with the quality of the purchased products.

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