Thursday, November 29, 2007

Xanthones Antioxidants in the Mangosteen Super Fruit

A lot of the so called super fruits has come to the attention of consumers because of their antioxidants and healthful nutrients. Manufacturers have sprung to fill in the growing market.

One of these super fruits, the mangosteen, has become popular because they contain xanthones. Xanthones are powerful antioxidants as researchers claim. Out of 200 known xanthones, 40 of these substance can be found in the mangosteen fruit - each one having different antioxidant properties. The pericarp or rind contain the highest concentrations.

According to the article A Look at Xanthones and Mangosteen

"Scientific research has made it abundantly clear that no other fruit compares in its health benefits to mangosteen, due to its xanthones and other nutritional properties."

Does the xanthones in mangosteen deliver the health benefits it claims? Here are some testimonials that says it does indeed offer many health benefits.

Researchers say that the darker the peel or rind of a fruit, the higher the antioxidants it contain. Mangosteen has a very dark colored rind, maybe it really does contain a lot of healthful antioxidants.

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