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Acne Problem-Where Look Matters


It is a very common fact that looks matters in today's world. Often we see that to improve their looks or go for a complete makeover is compelling the youngsters to go to any extent. In fact looks have become so important in the contemporary age that one makes all the efforts to get away with the marks that appear with even a small rash or pimple developing on the face.

It is often seen that the teens who suffer from depression because of their looks have gone through terrible consequences. In the present times looks are given more value than the inner being of any person. Some teenagers can even become bulimic or anorexic because of their distorted looks. Many a time's kids are also seen to be hiding or restricting themselves from social gatherings. All these situations develop in the people of different stages when the pressure of looking 'good' is forced upon them.

The first thing we should know is the true cause of acne. Most people are aware that certain foods can trigger a breakout, but what they do not know is the cause of the breakouts. All acne and breakouts are caused by a buildup of toxins in the body.

All of the acne products on the market today are designed to treat the symptoms of acne, not the cause. These products do not get rid of the acne, like they claim to, and even worse is what they do to your skin. These include topical creams, such as Benzaclin, Klaron and Azelex, as well Tretinoin and Adapalene, to name but a few. These creams are helpful for clearing blocked pores. Some of these substances may have unfavorable side effects and should therefore, only be used on the recommendation and guidance of a qualified dermatologist. Topical creams may be effective for less serious to mild cases of acne.

For more serious cases, treatment may include the use of oral antibiotics, such as tetracycline, doxycycline or even amoxicillin. As with the previous treatment, be aware of each of these medications' side effects. Some have very unpleasant side effects. Isotretinoin is another acne drug that is often prescribed in severe acne cases. However, effective as this drug may be, it can lead to serious birth defects in pregnant women.

When it comes to taking drugs to treat acne, it is highly advised to consult a doctor to prevent any further side effects.

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