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Effective natural acne scar treatments

Natural acne remedies are mainly intended for mild acne conditions. You can use many natural remedies for acne without any hassles or spending any money for your visits to doctors. What you need to do is follow them thoroughly in a proper way and for a significant period without losing your heart so that you could achieve the best possible result.

One of the most desired acne products of people who suffer from acne all over the world is an effective natural remedy for acne. This article will help you sort out some natural acne treatments that are easily prepared at home. These natural acne treatments have been known to work for many acne sufferers, they are safe in most cases and do not causes unwanted irritation to your skin. Skin disorders that are commonly known as blackheads, whiteheads, pus nodules and pimples are all different types of acne. In most cases the common cause of acne is over production of sebum and clogged pores but acne is not limited to these two causes there are several other factors that contribute to cause acne.

Home Remedies for Acne Scars

1. The primary objective of any natural acne remedy is to shed off the damaged skin layer and then nourish the skin to its restore point. Baking soda serves as a natural microdermabrasion agent. Make a mixture by using two teaspoon full of filtered water and one teaspoon full of baking soda. Apply the mixture gently over the affected area, leave it on for one minute and wash it off with water. After washing the mixture off, apply a little quantity of olive oil with light massage. This olive oil would restore the necessary flexibility of your skin.

2. Sandalwood and rosewater: Make a paste of sandalwood with a few drops of rosewater. You can use the sandalwood and rosewater paste either as a facial mask or you can apply it directly on the scars. Leave the paste on for sixty to ninety minutes or you can also wear it overnight if it is possible for you. Wash off gently with warm water and acne soap. Sandalwood is effective in treating acne scar because of its soothing and cooling effect on the skin.

3. Juice of fresh lemons: apply the juice of fresh lemons or limes on your acne scars using cotton. Let your skin soak up the lemon juice for a few minutes and then washing it off with warm water. Lemon juice recovers the appearance of dark acne scars and blemishes by reducing them.

4. Another natural moisturizer that can help in treating acne scars is honey. There are two ways to benefit from it, you can either use it as a mask or you can take a take a specially formulated honey acne scar treatment which most people prefer instead of using it as a mask.

5. Water and Diet: Your body needs water to detoxify it and your skin also needs water to keep it cool, and moist. A healthy intake of water also encourages the tissue repairing process of skin. Many experts believe that eight glasses of water every day keeps your skin perfectly hydrated. You also need a healthy balanced diet. Fruits and protein containing foods are good for maintaining a healthy skin.

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