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Miraculous Acne Scar Elimination!

by: Darren Brent

Acne can affect people of all ages; however it occurs most often during puberty as the body goes through hormonal changes. It has also been known to affect people in adulthood, even if their skin was clear during their teenage years. In some cases acne leaves scars on the skin after chronic and prolonged acne, especially if it is left untreated. The pitting on the face and other parts of the body is easily spotted.

Acne scars will usually fade over time, but sometimes severe acne leaves permanent scars that can be the cause of some embarrassment to the sufferer. Although there are less cases of adult acne, it is not uncommon. Acne which strikes during the adult years may be due to skin allergies or accumulated toxins.

Another type of acne which is rare, but no less irritating, is scalp acne. It is very painful and difficult to treat as applying any cream or antibiotic medicine can be difficult due to hair growth. Although acne on the hairline is visible, the regular use of anti dandruff shampoo can help in some cases. A dermatologist should be consulted for severe cases of acne.

There are different methods of acne scar treatment available which help in lessening the scars by removing the older skin layer and helping new, smoother skin grow. Although there are intensive medical treatments such as laser treatment open to sufferers, cosmetic surgeries are also available. There are also various natural remedies that can actually do wonders for the elimination of acne scars.

Water is a miracle drink not only for the treatment of acne scars, but also for facial skin care in general. Keeping your skin in top condition requires drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday. Skin scars can be dramatically reduced with the intake of water. Drinking water increases the dermal moisture content, making the skin soft and more flexible. Your facial skin is delicate and needs to be properly cared for.

Change your eating habits and consider adding organic, natural fibers to your diet. Your diet has a direct impact on the skin; the more fresh vegetables and fruits you eat, the better pH balance in the body will be. Application of Vitamin E directly onto the acne scars also helps the cells rejuvenate. You can break open a capsule of Vitamin E and apply it to the affected area. Rubbing Virgin olive oil onto the scars also helps reduce the appearance of the marks, but it is a slow process on older scars. Fresh scars are easily reduced as the skin is still fresh.

The best natural remedy has to be the application of fresh lemon juice onto the scars. Lemon is known for its bleaching qualities and not only will it reduce the scars, it will also make your skin smoother and give it a lighter appearance.

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