Saturday, November 29, 2008

150,000 Teenagers Will Get Skin Care Education Programme in Dubai

An initiative of the Ministry of Education in cooperation with Johnson & Johnson's Clean and Clear will launch a nationwide school-based campaign for the health and skin care of teenage girls.

unblemished face
photo by: bfhoyt

This is a good initiative considering the negative effects of unhealthful skin care which causes acne and other skin blemishes. Social shyness and inferiority complex are some of the negative effects of skin problems

This programme should not be limited only to girls since boys also are physically and emotionally affected when skin blemishes occur. Improper skin care could result to acne which can leave acne scars behind.

There are many ways of preventing and treating acne. Natural ones make use of herbs such as onions to minimize inflammation as well as prevent acne scars. Aside from skin care, diet also plays an important role for a healthy skin. Others have tried acupuncture to treat acne and with good success.

Hopefully this programme could result in socially active teenagers and prevent emotional negative effects that blemished skin can bring.

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