Thursday, March 4, 2010

How Green Tea Helps You to Lose Fat

For ensuring that your body fat is reduced and weight is lost in quick time, you should synergise various methods to reap greater benefits. One of the methods is to use green tea, the benefits of which have been proved time and again. Green tea helps in reducing body fat by improving your metabolism. Studies reveal that if you consume it regularly, you can burn as many as eighty calories.

Green tea has a great effect in reducing absorption of fats by the body. The glucose levels in the body are regulated by restraining conversion of glucose into fats. The results of this are prevention of hike in insulin levels and reduction of rise in blood sugar levels after your meal. Insulin levels should not rise because it causes promotion of storage of fats in the body.

Your appetite is kept under control by green tea. People who drink such tea regularly reduce their intake of food by 60 per cent and hence chances of fat gains are reduced. Catechin is the ingredient in the tea that is responsible for reducing your appetite. Researches have revealed that catechin is capable of reducing hunger hormone leptin and it also provides the body with 1-theanine, an amino acid that also possesses the quality of suppressing your hunger. Catechins improve your metabolism by 4% and fat-storage hormones are reduced by 15% if you regularly drink green tea. Your stress levels are well-regulated and hence the hormones that are linked with stress levels will not increase your body fat.

Green tea is much better than coffee. Shifting to green tea instead of drinking coffee in the mornings reduces your calories in due course of time. It is difficult to drink coffee without adding cream or sugar to it but you can do so with tea which is another factor that contributes to reduction of fat.

Your overall health benefits from regular use of green tea. All the functions of the body including the functions of heart, lungs, nerves, kidneys, muscles and bones benefit if you drink the tea regularly.

The ingredient that is present in the tea in extending all these benefits to your body is called the epigallocatechin gallate and it stimulates thermogenesis, the heat production mechanism that helps the enzymes in metabolism. Due to this, the body metabolism gets a phenomenal boost, calories are burned fast, your body fat is reduced and weight is lost in quick time.

Another ingredient that is present in abundant quantity in green tea is polyphenol, that has antioxidant qualities due to which the risks of cardiovascular diseases and cancer are greatly reduced.

The greatest benefit you can derive by drinking the tea regularly is that your mental alertness gets a remarkable boost. Since it does not contain caffeine that is harmful if consumed in excess, drinking green tea regularly is a harmless and sure way to lose your fat.

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