Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Try the Green Tea Weight Loss Diet For Quick Results

Japanese and Chinese people have a secret for their slim figures that has been passed down the generations. It is only recently that the rest of the world has come to know of it. This is a wonder drug of nature called green tea.

People all over the world swear by the green tea weight loss diet because of the results they get from it. Firstly it turns up your metabolism which results in an increase in your energy expenditure. It also causes fat to burn faster. As a result of this, the weight loss you achieve is longer lasting compared to if you drop weight only by losing water from your body.

Apart from that it prevents fat from being absorbed into your body. The catechin polyphenols that it contains achieve this by preventing all the glucose in your blood stream from entering your fat cells. The blood sugar regulating ability of green tea also helps to curtail your appetite. It prevents your insulin from spiking, and this helps to prevent fat forming.

Green tea is also rich in anti-oxidants that keep you safe from damaging free radicals.

You will need to have a minimum of 3 cups a day in order to derive any benefit from this. 5 cups a day is ideal. You can drink this much green tea since it has no harmful side effects.

Do not undo the benefits of this diet by overindulging in other foods. You will definitely need to watch your diet and eat sensibly. Try and get as much of exercise as you can.

You will be able to lose weight as long as you are on the green tea weight loss plan. If it has helped generations of Eastern women to maintain their figures, there is no reason why it won't work for you.

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