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Green Tea For Diet Purpose - The Right Way to Use It

Is drinking green tea on daily basis can help you to lose weight? If you spend a little time on a research, you'll find that there are pro and contra regarding this matter. There are people who think the weight loss effect from drinking it is just infomercial propaganda, but there are also people that truly believe on its effect to shed weight.

Here's the truth: using green tea for weight loss purpose IS possible. Studies have shown that drinking five cups per day will make you burn extra 70-80 calories without moving a muscle or modifying your eating habit.
While burning extra 80 calories per day is a good addition to your weight loss effort, you can't expect to see significant result by just drinking green tea and spend the rest of the day on a couch watching TV. This is the reason why many people think that it is useless for weight loss purpose; they think that they can drink it, do nothing else, and still achieve significant weight loss.

Drinking green tea has many effects that will boost your weight loss effort; it can boost your metabolic rate which mean faster weight loss and easier weight management. Studies have shown that regular intake can improve your metabolism by almost 4% which is very nice because you get it almost without significant effort.

Another great thing that you can get fro is it will helps to block fat absorption. This is based on a research that shows green tea can hinder the movement of glucose into fat cells. It also slowing the rise of blood sugar after a meal and prevents high insulin spike; this is certainly useful for someone who has high blood pressure.

People at the University of Chicago also have tested the effects on rats. Rats that injected with green tea lost their appetite and consume 60% less food after seven days of daily injection. The effect may works on human too, but there is no solid proof for this yet.

So, how is the right way to use green tea for weight loss purpose? You should have a solid diet or exercise program to shed that extra fat from your body. Adding green tea in it will be very nice boost since you can burn extra 80 calories simply by drink it regularly, thus speed up your weight loss process.

While we're at it, let me tell you that the great thing about it is not limited to its ability to complement your weight loss program. People in China, Korea, and Japan have used it for beverage and traditional medicine for over than 4000 years; the result is they live longer healthier life. How is that possible? Well, beside the metabolism boosting, green tea also contain high concentration of antioxidant, enzymes that capture and neutralize free radicals; thus prevent cellular aging and some life threatening diseases like cancer and heart conditions.

Eventually, you must realize that even though drinking green tea can help you to lose weight, you must not expect significant result from it alone. Drink it regularly to boost your diet program is the best way to lose weight while having a lot of benefits from the habit.

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