Thursday, April 29, 2010

Iced Green Tea For Summer Health

I've been talking a lot about Beverage Replacement lately, the substitution of high calorie drinks for low calorie healthy alternatives in the process of weight loss. Continuing in this pattern, I'll be talking about summertime beverages and iced green tea.

If you think of tea and picture a steaming hot cup, you're probably discouraged about the upcoming warm weather. If you live somewhere hot like me, you want something refreshing and cool to sip on during the sweltering heat. It's quite difficult to stay away from sugary sodas and energy drinks containing spoonfuls of high fructose corn syrup, so here are some fun ideas for a summer drink using green tea:

Iced Sweetened Tea. Iced tea by itself can be a little bland, I must admit. You can fix this by sweetening your summer's beverage with a dash of raw sugar. Raw sugar is a natural sugar substitute and you can purchase it at your local grocery store. Raw sugar has many other uses as well, and can help your diet in those areas.
Green Lemonade Tea. Using 100% lemonade fruit juice in your iced green tea will add a tangy twist and provide you with plenty of natural vitamin C.

Strawberry Green Tea Lemonade Smoothie. Take it a step further by blending it together with a small cup of diced strawberries! You wouldn't be fooling anyone by telling them that this tasty drink is good for them! Kids will love it, too.

In these mixes you can also use passion fruit, cranberry, pomegranate, and quite a few others. Iced tea mixes well with most fruit juices, and there are dozens of ways to prepare it. Try something new every week and you'll never get bored with tea in the hot summer.

For those who do not know, green tea provides an abundance of protective antioxidants. One such antioxidant is called EGCG, or epigallocatechin gallate. Many scientific studies have shown the EGCG in this tea to account for an increase metabolism and healthy bodily function. Green iced tea is an optimal choice because of its rich source of EGCG for better health and loss of excess weight.

Iced tea, therefore, is a prime candidate to supplement during your summer time diet. One or two large green iced teas per day can make pounds of difference, literally! It will also keep you well hydrated and refreshed as you tackle the summer sun.

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