Thursday, May 20, 2010

Antioxidant Level in Acai Berry Fruit

Acai is a special type of fruit that grows predominantly in the Amazon jungle especially in the acai palm trees. It grows always in bunches. The fruit is usually smaller in size and it is purple in color. Acai berry antioxidants prepared from acai berry fruit is of prime importance. The importance of acai berry fruit was discovered by the outside world rather than by the people in Amazon. This fruit gets perished easily in a shorter time from the period of harvesting and so it has to be converted into some other solid or powder form before it is being transported. The acai berry fruit has a large seed in the middle surrounded by outer pulp region. When the acai berry is processed, the first step is to get the seed out and the remaining flesh of the fruit is converted into a puree. The puree is a form which retains all the nutritional benefits that are available in the acai fruit. But the manufacturers will not give the juice in its purified form. They will add water or sometimes mix with other juices before it is converted into finished juice. So the finished juice contains only 10 to 20% pure acai which is enough for us.

Research on acai berry fruit has found out that the fruit has the highest antioxidant activity. This prevents some of the diseases associated with heart. Also it serves as a good capsule for curing cancer. Acai contains flavonoids and anthocyanins. The purple color of acai fruit is because o f the presence of anthocyanins. They serve as powerful antioxidant agents. Generally the role of antioxidants is to destroy the power of the free radicals and thereby protect our body from severe diseases. Eating food with less antioxidant level is of no use. We have to eat food and fruits rich in antioxidant level in order to keep ourselves healthy.

Acai contains large amount of fiber, amino acids, fatty acids, etc in it. Fiber is greatly responsible for moving food inside the body through the digestive track. We all know that amino acids are considered as building blocks of protein. Proteins are very much responsible for muscles to function properly. When we eat acai berry fruit or its products, the body becomes more energetic and the fat in the body is removed. Hence we can reduce our weight if needed. Acai berry contains more antioxidant than blueberry. A person who is trying to protect him from cancer, heart problems should be a regular consumer of acai.

We can improve our stamina, enhance our visual level, acquire good immune system, enhance blood circulation, reduce the fat in body and look younger and healthier by using acai berry antioxidants. Apart from this we can also prevent our body from disorders like atherosclerosis, fight against cancer causing cells, prevent diabetics, make our heart to perform healthy and also reduce cholesterol level from our body. Acai capsules are now available in market which aids much in becoming slimmer without causing any side effects.

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