Saturday, May 29, 2010

Amazing Thigh Fat Exercises - Lose Inner Thigh Fat Today!

Despite what you may think, losing that fat on your thighs does not take any fancy machines like the ones advertised on TV. All you need to do these amazing thigh fat exercises are a couple of free weights and the pounds in your own body. These exercises I am here to tell you about today will cause you to burn thigh fat much faster than any of those programs on TV could ever promise. The exercises that will have the most impact on losing inner thigh fat, outer thigh fat, and that stubborn bottom fat are step-ups, lunges, dead-lifts, and last but not lease, squats. These exercises will have your thighs firm and toned in no time.

If you enjoy taking walks you can try doing your lunges while you go. Doing lunges while walking will work your muscles even better than doing them at a standstill. To do lunges while you walk, all you have to do is keep moving forward with each lunge you take (standing lunges you step forward and then backwards).

Walking Lunge Instructions:
  • Take one step and lunge forward making sure that your knee is lined up at a right angle with your foot, you don't want to bend too far forward, as this can lead to injury.
  • Make sure that your thigh is parallel to the ground.
  • You should bend your back leg, but make sure you don't let it touch the ground.
  • After each lunge pause for a moment before you step forward for your next lunge.
I recommend doing at least 10 of these a day. However, the more you do, the faster you will get the things you so greatly desire.

This thigh fat exercise has been proven to have the highest rate of effectiveness for tightening up thighs. There are several variations that you can apply to the basic walking lunge in order to make sure you give every muscle in your leg the workout it needs.

Thigh Fat Exercise Variation 1: Try stepping inward at a slight angle, this is called a cross over lunge that will give your hips and bottom a great stretch.

Thigh Fat Exercise Variation 2: Try stepping outward at a slight angle with each forward step that you take. This lunge will really help you lose inner thigh fat

Thigh Fat Exercise Variation 3: You can also try using two free weights as you do your lunges for a little more resistance. I would try 2 to 3 pounds to begin with and then try moving up from there. Hold one weight in each hand and keep your arms straight at your side. Also, as you lunge forward make sure and keep your back straight.

While these thigh fat exercises will give you some great looking thighs, if you are serious about losing weight and getting into shape, I highly recommend the diet generator provided by the Strip that Fat Weight Loss System. This diet generator is so amazingly innovative it allows you to enter in the foods you like to eat and it will create a diet specifically customized just for you and the foods you like to eat, organized in a way that will guarantee weight loss!

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