Friday, October 28, 2011

Serbian doctors discover that strawberries protect against ulcer and cancer

Strawberries protect stomach mucous from damage caused by alcohol in high concentration, the latest study that four Serbian doctors worked on together with their colleagues from Italy and Spain showed. The study has been publicized recently in a reputable international journal ‘Plos ONE.’

strawberries ‘Strawberries contain powerful antioxidants thus preventing stomach mucous damages caused by free radicals. We proved that antioxidants from strawberries prevent lipid peroxidation’, Doctor Dragana Dekanski, study co-author explains for ‘Blic’ She is doing medical research with the ‘Galenika’.

She says that experiments were performed on laboratory animals, rats, which were given 40 milligrams per kilo of strawberry extract what is equivalent to daily consume of this fruit by a human being of half a kilo. The rats were given the extract during ten days and after that period they were given alcohol of large concentration.

Results of the research showed that the degree of stomach mucous damage of the animals that were given strawberries was far less than with those that were not given the extract’, Doctor Dekanski says.

‘Apart from alcohol stomach mucous can be damaged by numerous medical drugs such as aspirin and other non steroidal antirheumatic drugs. Strong stress can also cause damage. Damage mucous can result in numerous diseases such as ulcer, gastritis or even cancer of the stomach. Consume of strawberries prevents or delays appearance of those diseases. It is important, however, what strawberries are being taken. The best are those with high level of anthocyanin’, Doctor Dekanski says.

Research co-author Italian Professor Maurizio Battino says that the research was actually aimed to reveal molecules protecting stomach mucous from harmful effect of various agenses.

International research
The whole study over positive effect by strawberries on stomach mucous was elaborated by Professor Maurizio Battino from Italy and Doctor Dragana Dekanski. Apart from them the research also included Serbian Doctor Slavica Ristic of ‘Galenika’, Professor Natasa Petronijevic and Doctor Nevena Radonjic of the Medical Faculty in Belgrade. Apart from Serbian and Italian researchers, the study included researchers from Spain as well.


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