Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Coffee with more Antioxidants

There are approximately 108 million coffee drinkers in America, making it the no. source of antioxidants.

Since a lot of people are drinking coffee, why not include antioxidants from other sources like fruits and 'inject' it in the coffee beans? Many can surely benefit from this as the statistics for coffee drinkers have shown.

Antioxidants mainly prevents the onset of many diseases It stops free radical chain reactions which could harm our cells. Cardiovascular diseases, cancer and arthritis are some examples of what antioxidants can prevent.

Different antioxidants can be found from different sources. Coffee contains chlorogenic acid or caffeic acid and tea contains catechins. Other fruits contain other forms of antioxidants as well, mainly flavonoids.

Combining the antioxidants in coffee with the antioxidants in tea, pomegranate, blueberry and grape seed could mean extra antioxidant power. That's what they did at The Healthy Bean.

How's that for a healthful drink?