Friday, August 3, 2007

Coping with Stress for Bloggers

Bloggers too are subject to psychological stress. Blogging could use a lot of time and requires concentration. Stress may come from the following:

-Distraction from kids.
-Household chores.
-Obligation to your partner - you wouldn't want to keep her waiting would
-Deadlines which bloggers impose upon themselves like posting daily.

The most affected part in our body that is affected by psychological stress is our brain. Free radical generation in our brain occurs and without ample supply of antioxidants, the situation could result to oxidative damage.

There are ways to relieve the stress and thereby reversing the harmful effects to your brain.

If I'm feeling stressed out, I visit sites which can remove my stress like:

How about you? How do you relieve yourself of stress? Would you like to share it so that other bloggers may know?