Friday, August 24, 2007

Life Expectancy in New York is Higher Than in Other States

A recent study has shown that the life expectancy of New Yorkers are higher than in other states.

Some conclusions derived from the statistical data focused on medical innovation/technology and medicare programs may be the big contributors for this fact.

On another angle - Snapple, a producer in premium beverage has hinted on its products of black tea, green tea, decaffeinated tea and iced tea beverages may also contribute to the fact of higher longevity because it originated in New York. Beverages are widely available - restaurants, snack bars or any other eating places - which makes it possible that a large majority does indeed have plenty of doses of this nutritional beverages.

Antioxidants has been associated with anti-aging and tea has plenty of these substances.

Is it safe to assume that tea may be a factor to these life expectancy statistics?

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