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Punicalagin Antioxidants in Pomegranate

Antioxidants in Pomegranate

Punicalagins, a tannin, are the major antioxidant components of pomegranate. Other antioxidant present in the pomegranate fruit are anthocyanins(responsible for the color both inside and outside of the fruit), ellagitannins, and hydrolyzed tannins. This is how the fruit became popular and has come to be one of the so called superfuits or superfoods because of its health benefits.

The fruit is about 2.5" to 5" in diameter, roundish, and is riddled with many seeds inside. The flesh covering the seeds are edible. The color is green outside when raw but turns to a bright attractive red when fully ripe. The taste is semi sweet and semi sour.

Because of its antioxidant power, many manufacturers have produced juices, extracts and other health beneficial products from this fruit. Many studies have been done in testing the antioxidant capacity of punicalagins and anthocyanin together with other antioxidants found in pomegranate. The following is a list of some observations that were made.

  • inhibits the proliferation of human cancer cells - lung, prostate, etc.
  • it has anti-microbial properties - anti-viral, anti-fungs, etc.
  • helps in the reduction of LDL cholesterol to make the body's cardiovascular system healthy
  • lessens the effect of menopause
  • inhibits atherosclerosis

Different fruits, different antioxidants

The major antioxidant player in pomegrante is punicalagin, anthocyanin in acai, carotenoids in goji berry and xanthones in mangosteen. Other fruits for sure have different antioxidant contents. Each antioxidant has its own special interaction with the chemicals and cells in our body. Some antioxidants fat(lipophyllic) soluble and others are water(hydrophyllic) soluble.

Why do the antioxidants in fruit differ? Maybe its a hint we can gain from nature that it is best to eat a variety of fruits and not limit ourselves to a few to gain maximum benefit for our body. Thanks to science, these antioxidants have been identified and experimented with.

Not all these fruits are available in our locality. Thanks to the manufacturers who have produced juices, extracts and supplements from these fruits for they have made available the antioxidant health benefits specific for each fruit to other countries.

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