Thursday, September 18, 2008

Acai Detox - How Will it Help My Body?

By: Robert Melkonyan

A lot has been said about the miraculous natural product called Acai but, what does it do? What does each component found in this fruit will do for your body? These are very important questions that everyone who is interested about the Acai diet and products should clearly understand before purchasing and taking supplements based on this fruit. Let's go ahead and tackle some of the questions that most people ask when it comes to the ingredients and effects of this natural product.

Is Acai a magic bullet when it comes to health?

As much as everyone would like to hear, Acai is not intended to treat each and every ailment known to man, while it does have many nutrients and compounds that target many diseases and conditions, it can't be considered a magic bullet which will solve each of every ailment that we know today. The following is a list of benefits that will give you a pretty good idea about what Acai can do for your body:

-- Increase your energy and strength: this is one of the most basic benefits associated with this Brazilian fruit, it is highly recommended to consume and drink natural beverages which contain Acai instead of drinking artificial energy drinks which heavily rely on high amounts of sugar and caffeine.

-- You will look and feel younger: while this phrase may sound a bit cheesy it is actually true that one of the confirmed benefits of Acai, involves slowing down the aging process, this is accomplished due to the high levels of antioxidants which prevent cellular decay and damage by toxins.

-- Regulate your blood pressure and cholesterol levels: this berry contains a good amount of omega-3 and omega-9 compounds which are known to help regulate levels of cholesterol that will in turn affect the overall health of your heart (for the better)

-- May help prevent cancer: studies conducted at the University of Florida showed very promising results after an extract of Acai was able to trigger a self-destructive process amongst a cellular cultivation of leukemia, while the results that can be achieved through a controlled environment are different from what can be achieved inside a person's organism, the results do provide hope to researchers who now believe that they are coming closer and closer to a more effective treatment of cancerous cells and tissues.

-- Strengthen your immune system: many of the new printing compounds found in this Brazilian berry are known to stimulate the immune system and make people less vulnerable to contracting diseases.

-- Weight loss: one of the most popular benefits that the Acai berry provides is that it regulates metabolic system of those who consume it; this will help people burn extra calories a lot faster.

There are many more benefits and positive effects that can be attributed to this miraculous Brazilian berry and as more studies are conducted the more people are amazed about the incredible properties that such natural product has always had.

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