Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cellulite Laser Treatment - Does it Work?

By: Ivan Cuxeva Jr

Cellulite is a very common problem among men and women of all ages, the most obvious symptom is the way the skin becomes dimpled around the pelvic region, the lower limbs (specially this part in women), the abdomen, etc. This problem is not new, however the term used to describe this appearance was first used around the 1920's.

Possible Causes:

The factors which trigger cellulite are not clearly understood, however such condition can be related to changes in the metabolism and physiology which in turn my cause or contribute to this condition. Some of the possible causes may be a disorder of the way our body distributes water around our body (also referred to as disorder of water metabolism), unusual hyper-polymerization of the connective tissue and also a venus insufficiency around the area where the problem appears.

How Does It Work?

Cellulite laser treatment is the process which involves physical massage and the exterior influence of a properly calibrated laser which penetrates the skin and softens the subcutaneous fat which allows it to be reshaped, this would normally change the appearance of the area where cellulite appears.

In general, cellulite laser treatments feel like deep tissue massage, however some clients have experienced slight pinching of the skin which is easily corrected by doctor who operates the machine and calibrates the intensity.

After a cellulite laser treatment some patients have reported to have slight reddening or even bruising of the areas which were treated after each session, this is nothing to worry about since the marks (if any) will disappear in a few days. While cellulite treatment using laser technology is not a magic bullet it does offer a good solution to patients which suffer with such skin problem, however it is strongly recommended that patients who are subject to those treatments change their diet patterns and keep healthy physical activity.

When it comes to results, patients usually see results after the seventh session when the fat which causes the orange-peel look has been reshaped. After the cellulite treatment is complete patients notice that their skin in soft and no longer has the dimples which made it look bad, this process works so well that patients don't need to attend further therapies to eliminate cellulite because the treatment has reshaped the layers of subcutaneous fat which caused the dimples and they are now smooth.

The process of cellulite elimination through laser technology is still being improved but the results achieved so far are very tangible and patients have experienced no side effects other than occasional skin redness which heal fairly quick.

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