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What is the Impact of Acai Berry on Aging?

By: George Alarcon

People have written countless stuff on acai berry by now. The vast majority has been extemely positive and not one thing has yet been stated about this amazing fruit. The acai berry is a kind of a secret from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil; the natives carefully hand-pick the incredibly nutritious acai berries from the tops of palm trees. The acai fruit tends to grow wildly on top of these palm trees. The acai fruit has a deep purple color and is well-known to be fully loaded in important nutrients.

Acai berry not only can play a vital role in helping us keep up our health at a peak level but can also help stop potential health problems from happening in the first place like heart-related conditions and even cancer. The benefits from consuming this very nutritious berry are almost endless. In fact, according to a world renowned anti-aging expert, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, acai berry is one fruit he highly recommends adding to one's daily diet. Why? This most-talked about berry is a very nutritious and one of the most powerful foods found in the world.

A very important health benefit that acai berry can offer is the amazing ability it has on the overall aging process because of its antioxidant properties that come from its concentration of anthocyanin. Because of this concentration of anthocyanin, acai has been recognized as one of the foremost superfoods for anti-aging; these properties are in fact the same one believed to be responsible for providing red wine with its reported health benefits; yet, acai berry contains from 10 to 30 times more anthocyanins than red wine.

Acai berries are able to fight free radicals which are the main cause of the aging process as they start to destroy in the long run different sections of the human body from within. For example, the amino acids and trace minerals that are found in acai help in ideal muscle contraction and regeneration; this helps slow down the destructive effects to the skin which cause the signs of aging.

Still a second example: the fatty acid in acai is high in monounsaturated oleic acid which together with omega 3 fish oils enter cell membranes and help to make them suppler; this in fact permits for neurotransmitters, hormones, and insulin receptors to work more efficiently, diminishing inflammation. Remember: inflammation is a leading cause of the aging process.

Acai fruit offers so many wonderful benefits to anyone who wants to improve his/her overall health.

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