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Acai Berry Juice - One Of The Best Colon Cleansing Products

By: Robert Melkonyan

If you have been hearing a lot about acai berry juice and all the attractive benefits a person could extract from it, you might be thinking that this is probably the newest wonder plant to top all wonder plants. However, acai (pronounced in the local tongue as "asai" or a-sigh-ee) has been cultivated, harvested and used by the local populace in the South American regions since time immemorial. The outside world has just been a little tardy catching up with the many healthful benefits of this wonder plant - but certainly, it is catching up in leaps and bounds.

Although organic acai has the most healthful benefits possible, many people prefer to take acai-based processed products like berry juice with acai extracts. Aside from being more palatable, it is also most convenient. People can certainly make fruit shakes using either semi-processed berries, but in this time and age, it is easier to grab a ready made bottle and pour out a serving. The nutritional value is the same for both. In many cases, people would lobby for fresh fruit juices, but this is almost impossible when it comes to acai.

As a rule, the acai berry deteriorates rather quickly after being harvested. That is basically the reason why it is very difficult to find fresh berries in the local fruit stalls. Often, berries immediately go semi-processing to help retain the nutrients within the berries; and these processing include drying, freezing or even freeze-drying. So unless you want to go to the Amazon or Brazil and wait for harvest season near or within the plantations, creating really fresh acai juices or shakes on your own can be such a task. 

Bottled acai berry juice is usually made from freeze-dried fruits of the acai plant. This method stores the highest concentrations of anti-oxidants as compared to the other preservation methods like drying or freezing. And we all know that anti-oxidants help slow down the aging process, making skin and bones more resilient to the wear and tear of everyday living. However, most berry juices being promoted now that contains acai extracts are touted as one of the best colon cleansing products in the market.

So is this true?

First of all, let us define what the acai fruit carries on its own. Although the pulp of the berry is rather thin as compared to other berries like grapes and lychees, it is known to be very rich source of dietary fiber. The concentration of soluble fiber then in most acai-based berry juices is rather high, and this is the elemental in the promotional of gastro-intestinal or bowel movement. Fibers help flush out toxins from the human digestive system, and at the same time, holds enough fatty acids in the body to promote elasticity in the skin. Without these, dehydration may happen, and we need not tell you that this is not particularly good for you. These fatty acids (depending on the processing that the acai undergoes) may contain omega3, omega6, omega9 and mono saturated oleic acid. So yes, juices or shakes made with acai extracts can be one of the best organic colon cleansing products in the market. is the best Acai goji information resource on the web. To get more information about Amazon Acai you must visit our website today!

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