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Properties of Goji Berries

 The benefits of Goji Berries are numerous. Some of these benefits include:

Improving of vision
Increased flexibility
Treating insomnia
Headache and muscle and joints pain
Better and focused memory
Better energy levels
Better stamina

These are just some of the benefits that have already been clinically proven. There have been many studies being conducted on the medical benefits of Goji berries and all of them have come to the same conclusion.

Nutrition and other facts

When one reads about the almost magical properties of Goji berries, one tends to think that most of these properties are mere exaggeration but there have been many modern scientific studies that have confirmed these facts and these possibilities have also opened avenues for further research in the field with better results.

These berries are cultivated in the Himalayan valleys of Tibet, Mongolia and China. These bright red berries are very delicate and that is why when harvested it is not picked out of the vines but shaken out of it. To preserve the Goji fruits, these are slowly dried in the shade. The people in the Himalayas and the Tibetan have been consuming them for ages and some of their festivals are also centered on Goji. It is believed that eating those berries induces a feeling of well being and that is why it is also known as happy berry.

One of the major ingredients of Chinese medicines is Goji and its bark. It is believed that these make your system stronger, enhances your eyesight, increases your sperm count, protects your liver, improves circulation and also is a great anti-aging product. If you read the Chinese medicine (TCM), you would find that Gojies are considered as sweet in taste and in nature neutral. They work on your liver, lung and kidney channels and also enrich your yin. As for eating it, you can eat it raw, or brew it into tea or even take it as tincture.

Some of the properties of Goji berries are:

Vision improvement
Yin tonic
Improves complexion
Increases sperm production
Keeps your liver and kidney in good shape
The vital essence (semen) gets replenished
Very powerful antioxidant
Helps in circulation
Anti-carcinogenic properties. 

Gojies are considered very well where improvement of vision is concerned. It is a documented fact for over 15 centuries. But what was restricted to these chronicles of herbalists have been endorsed by modern studies also. It has been found out that Goji fruits contain high percentage of B-carotene (about 8 mg/100 g) and that too in a highly active form biologically. What this does is that it is easily utilized by the body.

One other property of Goji fruits which is very interesting especially to the fairer sex is its ability to benefit complexion and to enhance one's beauty. What is more it is also found to have anti-aging properties. It is true that not many would agree to these observations but there have been many studies that have revealed that Goji fruits do have these properties. Some of these include immuno-potentiating, hypoglycaemic, antioxidant, hypolipemic and hypotensive properties. All these properties considerably slow down the aging process and you get to live a lot longer and a lot better health wise.

Goji berries have found use in skin-care products. Laboratory studies have shown its antioxidant properties as well as its effectiveness in increasing dermal hydroxyproline level in mice which can increase collagen synthesis improving skin quality. It is also seen that they could also be prepared as tonic decoction which is wonderful for regulation of blood pressure and could also lower cholesterol levels. 

Those berries are also very effective on liver and kidneys and it is generally taken internally to treat high blood pressure, poor eyesight, diabetes, lumbago, vertigo, menopausal complaints and impotence. 

The root bark is certainly bitter but has a very cooling, antibacterial effect. It can control cough and high fever. It can also lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol. They could be taken internally and it can treat internal hemorrhages, chronic fevers, tuberculosis, nosebleeds, asthma, coughs and many other ailments. It could also be applied externally in case of itching of genitals. The bark is generally harvested in the winter season and is then dried to be used for diuretic and purgative purposes. 

Tea could also be prepared from the leaves which is quite nourishing. The family to which Goji belong produces other fruits and all of them boast of rich source of vitamins, minerals, flavanoids and other bio-active compounds. Generally fruits dont have essential fatty acids but these berries are exceptions in this case. 

Goji berries are also effective as anti-carcinogenic substance. It prevents tumor growth; neutralize the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, regulate sugar and blood pressure, resist autoimmune disease, lowers blood cholesterol and blood lipids and also increases adsorption of calcium.

You could also use Goji them to improve:

Lack of energy
General weakness
Back and joints ache
Sexual inadequacies
Blurred vision

What is more, it has several external benefits in case of ulcers, burns, frostbite, furuncles and bedsores.

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