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The acai berry fruit if harvested from the rainforests of the Amazon. You might have heard all the recent hub-bub about the health benefits and that is the point of this article - to discuss this acai juice and what it actually does. PS: No selling here. 

Although the acai berry and acai juice have both been a main staple in the Brazilian diet for centuries, modern day medical benefits are just now starting to circle the globe as more and more research reveals what apparently has become the most beneficial fruit known to mankind. Now that the product has leaked up into western culture it has become the new talk of the town. 

The acai berry itself is loaded with nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants such as fiber, iron, omega fatty acids etc, and a slew of other vitamins. It is truly remarkable that all this is packed into that one little purplish, chocolate tasting, fruit. 

Many are now claiming that this acai berry fruit is indeed the long anticipated superfood discovery that will rocket our modern interpretation of health and fruit to new levels. Many of the claims included controlled weight loss, improved complexion, digestive benefits, anti-aging properties, muscle regeneration, and a host of others that make this seem completely impossible. Personally I think that even if half of the claims are true, heck even if 1/3 of them are true, then I am in. If you saw the list here you would be doubtful. Here is a small list of the health implications of using Acai berry fruit or if that link is broken you can copy and past it: http://acaiberrybasics.blogspot.com

If you do end up looking into this Acai berry fruit and what it does for the system, please make sure that you buy genuine Acai, there are many fakes on the market right now. The true Acai berry fruit only lasts for 24 hours after it is picked (and it is only picked twice per season), so take care to ensure that your purchase is authentic.

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