Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Secret Revealed About Acai Berry And Cancer

A research study has been made in University of Florida way back January 2006 and has discovered that Acai Berry has cancer fighting properties. This is because such wondrous fruit possessed a large amount of antioxidant elements. And since Acai Berry is very acceptable in the human body, the high antioxidant levels it possessed is definitely very essential. Basically, Acai Berry is a kind of fruit that has the same size with grapes, mostly seed and has a small number of fruit pulp. Brazilians were the first people who have experienced the power of this fruit which they have kept for ages. But as years gone by, the world is now starting to know about its miraculous effects. 

Because of the antioxidants that Acai Berry possesses, it can destroy the cultured cancer cells present in humans. Due to the huge benefits it has, Acai Berry was considered as a super food. Scientists have stated that the fruit promises an ability to cure several health disorders including cancer. In fact, among the fruits, Acai Berry has the highest antioxidant levels, more than the other edible berries like, pomegranate, red wine and green tea. Hence, no wonder there are many people who have tried the Acai Berry and got benefited from it. 

While some people are too busy about the Acai Berry and cancer issues, others are also going crazy about the other benefits it offers such as improving the health of the heart, overall health enhancement, and weight loss. By essentially including this fruit, the balance diet is already enhanced. There are thousands of people who are now taking the opportunity that this fruit offers. Thousands of vitamin supplements with the extract of this fruit has been produced and became an indispensable part of some people's daily diet routine. 

Aside from cancer, Acai Berry is also believed to cure diabetes. This disease is one of the culprits in cell deterioration. It is the process where there is a huge negative impact when it comes to heart and the overall health. But since Acai Berry is also packed with omega-3 as well as omega-6 fatty acids which are good for the heart and health, this super fruit can cure the causes of diabetes. Although there are no enough evidence proving that Acai Berry can cure diabetes, however, doctors strongly believe that such fruit can really be a great help in regulating insulin levels that essentially controls the blood sugar. That is why it was recommended for the diabetics. 

The relationship of Acai Berry and Cancer is just one of the big issues where this wondrous fruit was involved. However, whether you're opting to cure an ailment or lose some weight, including Acai Berry to your daily diet is definitely a wise decision you can make for yourself since it helps improve the overall health.

By : Ranju Kumar

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