Friday, April 3, 2009

EFT World Summit - Online Audio Event

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear the experts teach you how to tap away the source of your illness or bad events that is happening in your life. This world summit is brought to you by Try It on Everything and (the authority in health information).

EFT means Emotional Freedom Technique and is a very simple way to heal any aspect of your health whether it is physical or emotional. You simply tap certain meridian points in your body and the source of fear, anxiety or whatever is causing your ailment vanishes.

This EFT World Summit Begins on April 20, 2009. Learn more about this free online audio event by clicking here. If you haven't heard of EFT before, you ought it to yourself to learn and apply it in your life. It's very effective to bring about the best health benefits for you.

The EFT experts who will talk on this online audio event.

Carol Look - Talks about the EFT Basics

Brad Yates - Discusses the Secret to Self-Love

Dr. Pat Carrington - Talks about the beginner and advanced applications of the Choices Method

Dr. Alexander R. Lees - dissolve trauma using EFT tools

Carol Tuttle - Maximizing EFT

Gwenn Bonnel - Using EFT for Quick and Dramatic Pain Relief

Lindsay Kenny - The Ultimate Truth Statement

Rick Wilkes - Raising Your Personal Energy by Moving Up the Vibrational Scale

Bob Doyle - What's the Missing Secret in the Secret?

Margaret Lynch - Using EFT to Clear Debt

Nicholas Ortner - Founder and Producer of the EFT World Summit explores the new paradigms of EFT

Steve Wells - Using EFT to Determine Your Life Values

Rue Haas - EFT for the Highly Sensitive Person - Borrowing Benefits

Jessica Ortner - 10 Power EFT tips in 10 minutes

Loretta Sparks - Building a Thriving Relationship

Sandi Radomski - Using EFT Tapping to Lose Weight

Ron Ball - EFT for Work Related Stress

Register now for free and enjoy the benefits of EFT discussed by the experts in the field right in the comfort of your home.

eft world summit

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