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The Ranking of Acai Berry Juice as an Antioxidant

Acai Berry grows on a fast growing palm tree. These palm trees are cultivated in the rain forests of Amazon, mostly in Brazil. The fruit of this palm tree is termed "Acai Berry". The locals of the Amazon harvest these small berries and convert the fruit into the pulp. This pulp is then used to flavor the number of different dishes. If it is not used instantly after harvesting, the pulp needs to be frozen immediately to increase its life otherwise it could be quickly spoiled. 

The Acai Berry has been widely researched. The results of the research studies have proved the berries are an excellent source of an antioxidant termed anthocyanins. This anthocyanins antioxidant is same as is present in red wine. These wonderful berries are also a richest source of fiber, fatty acids, vitamins and proteins. 

These wonderful berries were first introduced to the world in the book Perricone by Dr. Nicholas Perricone Promise. After the publication of his book he also appeared in Oprah Winfrey Show in which he reasonably called these berries the perfect food yet discovered on the planet. He modestly rated the Acai Berry in the top ten super foods that have the capabilities to make its user look and feel younger. 

All of us are well aware that antioxidants are vital for the better health and for assisting the battle against weakening effects of aging and the other related diseases. The antioxidants are known as the vital part of our diets. We normally had to listen that to stay in the best health one should consume more antioxidant rich foods like blueberries. 
The Acai Berry has been widely advertised nowadays. This hype compels a person to know what quotient of antioxidant is present in the Acai Berry juice commercially available in the market. The antioxidant properties of Acai Berry juice has been evaluated against the antioxidant properties found in red wine, pomegranate juice, tea and six other types of pure juices. 

You'll be surprised to know the antioxidant properties of Acai Berry juice were ranked lower than the same properties found in blueberry juice, red wine, Concord grape juice and pomegranate juice. The percentage of antioxidant was more or less equal to the black cherry and cranberry juice. The quotient of antioxidant was higher than the one found in apple juice, orange juice and tea. 

So what can we conclude? The answer is the commercially available Acai Berry juice is better than the orange and apple juice but is not better than the red wine or pomegranate juice, so one should go for other form of Acai Berry.

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