Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Acai berry magic

Products derived from acai berry extracts, such as 'Acai Burn', are now generally accepted as excellent health supplements. Such products derive from the acai fruit, now known as one of nature's most nutritious foods. The acai berry in many forms has been tried and tested by thousands of people worldwide and celebrated for the multitude of health benefits that it offers. 

This berry has also been featured on the Oprah Winfrey and Rachael Rays talk shows and has been extensively written about in the media (The New York Times, the US Today, etc) as being an almost perfect food for those seeking to lose weight as well as maintain good health. 

So what' it all about? Because acai is so nutritious, supplements like Acai Burn which are made directly from it are very valuable in the diet for many reasons. A good acai berry extract supplies vital vitamins and important minerals to help maintain good health and a general feeling of well-being. 

Acai berry supplements not only include natural fruit pulp (a valuable source of dietary fibre) but also, because the acai berry is 90% seed, the berry is a great source of high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids . It is no secret that these fatty acids are effective in weight-control related issues and can also help stabilise or lower your cholesterol levels, some experts controversially claim that fatty acids can also help reduce Mucoid plaque from the from the intestines. 

The latest nutritional expertise emphasizes that vitamin and mineral supplements must be assimilable by the body. For example, iron in its original form is a hard, indigestible metal. But in plants or fruits, such as the acai berry, the raw iron has been magically transformed into a nutrient that the body can use. 

All fruits and vegetables contribute valuable vitamins, minerals, fibre and in some cases 'good' oils and protein to the diet. The acai berry just happens to be especially full of the precise nutrients needed by the human body for good health and to help weight loss. 
Apart from its many vital, life-sustaining vitamins and minerals, the acai berry is also rich in two important antioxidants called 33X and 6X - in quantities so high that drinking acai juice is equivalent to drinking noni and mangosteen juices together! 

Acai-berry juice goes far beyond being a weight loss product because it can help detoxify the body - boosting the body's own ability to remove harmful substances that may have built up inside our organs. It is also claimed to be very effective in reducing Mucoid plaque from the intestinal area. 

Many dietitians, nutritionists and doctors recommend supplements to strengthen our immune systems for two obvious reasons:
1. a strong immune system helps prevent diseases and viruses from affecting us in the first place, 
2. if we are unfortunate enough to fall sick, a strong immune system accelerates our recovery time. 

According to many, one will find no better natural product for achieving these goals than the acai berry! In fact, acai berries are said by many nutritionists to be the richest fruit source of nutrients known to mankind at present, and that no comparison can be drawn with any other fruit. 
So whether you would like to strengthen you immune system to protect you from harmful diseases, look younger, or find new help for how to get rid of love handles, acai berry extracts are certainly something worth taking a closer look at.


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