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Acai Weight Loss - Roughage Or Fiber?

Words and meanings change all the time in language. The dictionary listing of words is a constant moving target. Remember when they used to say "ain't ain't in the dictionary"?

The usage of different words does change from time to time. New words enter the dictionary every year because languages are not fixed in stone as it were. Ain't, was and is considered slang usages but guess what - it is in the dictionary now. It is still not used in some writings and is considered not proper by most people. But it is there in the dictionary.

I remember when I was growing up mom used a certain word a lot. The word was roughage. OK Sonny eat your vegetables first before desert you need roughage. I heard the word over and over roughage, roughage and more roughage. What in the world was she talking about I wondered. I got brave one day and asked mom what is roughage?

The answer surprised me. She was talking about going to the bathroom. You know number 2 as they used to say. She wanted everything to come out smooth and above all to be regular. Boy-O-Boy I was the most regular kid that lived on the block. I didn't really care to tell mom all about my number 2 bathroom scenes. "I am going good mom." Mom was always making sure that every one in the family was going good.

Things are different today we do not use the word roughage. Today we up scaled and now use the word fiber. What in the world does fiber do in the body? Fiber does the same and is the same as roughage. Yes fiber is our modern day proper word and it has its place in the bathroom. Yes you guessed it number 2. Is fiber important in our everyday diet? You bet it is important! Fiber is so important that our very good health depends on getting plenty of fiber in our foods.

OK! OK! What then exactly is fiber?

Fiber is a virtually indigestible substance that is found mainly in the outer layers of plants. Fiber is a special type of carbohydrate that passes through the human digestive system virtually unchanged, without being broken down into nutrients. Carbohydrates constitute the main source of energy for all body functions.

Almost everyone hears about the need for enough fiber in the diet. But few people understand the importance of dietary fiber - or where to get it. Fiber is important because it works with the digestion process from start to finish. These following points are so important for our overall body health. These points cannot be overstated.

- Food must be more thoroughly chewed, fiber slows down the eating process and helps contribute to a feeling of being full, and can help prevent obesity from overeating.
- Fiber makes food more satisfying, probably because the contents of the stomach are bulkier and stay there longer.
- Fiber slows digestion and absorption so that glucose (sugar) in food enters the bloodstream more slowly, which keeps blood sugar on a more even level.
- Fiber breaks down in the colon the main part of the large intestine by bacteria. Then simple organic acids are produced by this breakdown. This bacteria breakdown also helps to nourish the lining of the colon.
- These acids also provide fuel for the rest of the body, especially the liver, and have an important role in metabolism.

Fiber can be found in foods such as: all-natural cereals, whole-grain breads, beans, fruits, vegetables, nuts and Acai Berries. Guess what! Only plants produce fiber. Dietary fiber is essentially the cell walls of plants. Cell walls provide the fiber skeleton of a plant. Yes mom was right about the importance of [roughage] fiber.

In our family we caught very few colds and grew up healthy and regular. Mom had the correct bathroom insight on the importance of roughage in our bodies for our health. Acai works with your body for your good health. To your weight loss success, health and happiness,

John Schmidt is regarded as a leading weight loss and nutritionist expert. The emotions, fears and past histories need to be addressed for successful and permanent weight loss. The world is experiencing an epidemic with overweight and obese individuals on the rise. John recognizes the problem occurring from modern day processed foods and the lack of sufficient physical exercise.

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