Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How To Adopt The Proper Mindset For Easy And Consistent Weight Loss

Of all the health problems facing Americans today, perhaps the one that causes the most problems, and at the same time is the most preventable, is being overweight.

Two thirds of adults today are overweight, or obese. And this number is steadily rising. Being overweight can have an impact on many other aspects of both physical and emotional health.

The startling paradox is that while we keep getting bigger and bigger, there seems to be more and more diets, and pills, and books dedicated to helping you to lose weight.

If you venture into the weight loss section of your bookstore, you won't find any lack of choices. Bread diets, protein diets, hot dog diets. You name it, somebody has written a book about it.

One possible reason it can seem so hard to lose weight, is that often times we think of getting slim as something unpleasant we do once, and then forget about it, like having your wisdom teeth pulled.

The problem with this is that there are many reasons we are overweight. Sure, eating the wrong foods, and not getting enough exercise are the two most obvious reasons. But what are the deeper reasons behind those?

We live in a fast paced, information based society. Fast paced means we don't have time to shop for or cook healthy food. Information based means that most of us work in jobs that required little or no physical exertion.

So it is only natural that if we leave things to chance, our current lifestyle will naturally lead to obesity. Only when we make a conscious effort to change, do we have hope of losing weight once and for all.

How do we do this? Try not to focus on losing weight, but rather on slowly shifting to a healthier lifestyle. Make small, slow changes that will have a big impact over time. Only when you change your lifestyle, and keep the change, can you have that slim body that you deserve.

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