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Green Tea - The Best Free Acne Home Remedy

If you are looking for a free acne home remedy then you can’t beat green tea. Green tea has been shown to be as effective as a 4% solution of benzoyl peroxide without doing the same damage as this solution in terms of drying the skin and being harsh on the skin. In this article we explore the effects of green tea on acne and how you can use the health benefits of green tea to cure your acne fast.

The Acne Treatment Guide website explains Dr Gan-Wong’s study in which she examined the health benefits of green tea on acne, “According to the findings reported to the American Academy of Dermatology by dermatologist Dr. Gan-Wong, when compounded into a cream with a content of 3% green tea extract, acne treatment results were comparable to using a topical solution containing 4% benzoyl peroxide, a common treatment for acne. Dr. Gan-Wong’s findings were based on an independent study of just over 100 acne sufferers. The test subjects were randomly split into two groups, with one group receiving the green tea treatment and the other receiving a benzoyl peroxide treatment. Neither group was aware of the treatment they received, nor were the dermatologists who documented their progress.”

These studies by Dr Gan-Wong proved the effectiveness of green tea as the best free acne home remedy but are you able to use green tea if you do not have green tea extract cream? The answer to this is yes; simply rubbing a green tea bag on your skin has also been shown to prove beneficial for acne sufferers.

In addition, the best free acne home remedy is to actually drink green tea; since acne is often caused by problem deeper than the skin, drinking green tea can help to really get to the root of the problem. Even better is to prepare yourself a cup of green tea and then use the green tea bag on your face before throwing it away.
We mentioned that green tea is not only the best free acne home remedy because of its comparability to a 4% benzoyl peroxide solution which is a common medication recommended for acne, but also because it does not have the same harsh damaging of this medication; in fact, the health benefits of green tea extend to many other benefits for the skin.

In addition to being the best free acne home remedy the health benefits of green tea means that you are not only curing your acne but also rejuvenating dying skin cells. The EGCG in green tea has been shown to rejuvenate dying skin cells and this provides many benefits for the skin. The person who researched this health benefit of green tea is Dr Hsu and he had the following to say on the Medical College of Georgia website, ‘“When exposed to EGCG the old cells found in the upper layers of the epidermis appear to start dividing again,” Dr Hsu said, “They make DNA and produce more energy. They are reactivated. There are lots of unknowns – this is the first step into the door – but if we can energize dying skin cells, we can probably improve the skin condition”’

The best free acne home remedy you can give your skin is green tea. Prepare yourself a cup of green tea to drink and cleanse your system from the inside and then rub the teabag over your skin to cure your acne fast. The health benefits of green tea not only extend to curing acne but also to various other skin conditions and by using this skin care regimen for your acne you should also improve the overall condition of your skin, unlike normal medication used in the treatment of acne.

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