Monday, November 9, 2009

How to Fight Baldness, Hair Loss and Other Signs of Aging

At one time, age spots, baldness, hair loss and wrinkles were thought to simply be symptoms of the natural aging process.  We haven't learned how to stop the process, but we have learned more about what causes it and how to minimize it.

Most people have heard about free radical damage.  Companies that sell nutritional supplements talk about it in their commercials.  Increasing your antioxidant intake, in order to prevent free radical damage is highly recommended.

Recent studies indicate that antioxidants might actually reverse free radical damage.  The lightening of age spots and a reduction of wrinkles has been seen with topically applied antioxidant-rich solutions.  However, the nutrients must be properly formulated, otherwise they will not penetrate the skin's outer layers.

Not too many people have heard about the damage caused by AGEs, but the news is spreading.  Advance Glycation End-products (commonly referred to as AGEs) are believed to play a role in wrinkles, what were thought to be age-related diseases, and in damage to the hair-producing follicles that causes balding.

People are also learning about chronic inflammation and the damage that it does to joints, blood vessels, cells and fibers.  Is there a baldness or hair loss treatment that addresses free radicals, AGEs and inflammation?  Not exactly, but you could try a multi-step approach.

If you are currently taking a multi-vitamin, you are probably getting enough antioxidants in your bloodstream, but the nutrients may not be reaching the hair-producing follicles.  Reduced circulation to the follicles seems to be one of the big problems.

Minoxidil is a topically applied solution that acts to dilate the blood vessels and improve circulation.  So, oral nutrients can reach the follicles.  In addition, research indicates that it stimulates the production of nitric oxide, which further improves circulation and may have some antioxidant activity.

A baldness and hair loss treatment containing Minoxidil is not likely to have any effect on inflammation, but there are many natural anti-inflammatories, including saw palmetto.

Saw palmetto has been recommended for male pattern baldness and for enlarged prostate for several years.  In recent studies, it was shown that the plant extract has anti-inflammatory activity, which is not that unusual, for a plant.

In order to stop AGEs, you really have to cut the supply line.  There are certain foods that contribute to the production of AGEs.  Those are quickly digested, simple carbohydrates.  So, cut back on white bread, white potatoes, polished rice and processed sugar.  Take a good dietary supplement and use Minoxidil, if you want the best baldness/hair loss remedies.

If you're a guy, take saw palmetto extract every day.  It's good for your prostate and for your hair.
If you're a woman, make sure that your nutritional supplement contains biotin and PABA.  Most multi-vitamins do not contain PABA, because it is not considered "essential".

Men and women need different concentrations of Minoxidil, so make sure that the manufacturer has designed a gender-specific product.

Judging from the latest research, we may be able to avoid wrinkles, baldness, hair loss and so-called age-related diseases, too.  It just takes the right approach.

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