Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Green Tea is Great at Getting Rid of Acne

Suffering from acne? The solution could be just around the corner, at your local grocery store. Get out of the pharmaceutical aisle, I'm talking about green tea. Green tea could be the solution you need for getting rid of acne. Mild, moderate, and severe sufferers of acne have attested to its effectiveness.

According to a study done by Dr. Jennifer Gan-Wong of the Philippines and reported to the American Academy of Dermatology, a topical face cream produced with 3% green tea extract had the same effect on treatment of acne as a face cream produced with 4% benzoyl peroxide (a common acne medication). While this is just one study, it lends credence to the thousands of people who swear by green tea as a miracle acne cure.

Researchers postulate that the potent antioxidants in the tea, specifically EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate), help rejuvenate dying skin cells. Acne is caused when skin cells die in uneven patterns on the face - this prevents them from sloughing off naturally to make way for new skin cells. According to researchers, EGCG could help rejuvenate skin cells so they can slough off properly. It also contains tannins, which help to reduce swelling and inflammation.

It can be taken in one of three ways. You can drink it, or buy it in extract pills as supplements, or apply the wet tea bag directly to the affected areas on your face or body. It is extremely healthy in general, and a great caffeine substitute for coffee. If you're interested in getting rid of acne, why not drink a cup or two of green tea each day, and then gently rub the bags over your pimples when you're finished?

It may sound strange, but the healing powers of green tea are backed up by evidence. Make sure to gently wash it off after a couple minutes and pat, not rub, your face dry. You don't want to pop the pimples, because that'll only get them infected. There are lots of remedies that do an awesome job at getting rid of acne. Learn more at

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