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Natural Treatment For Acne - Learn How to Balance Your Hormones

I suffered from acne during my teens and twenties. It added to the self-consciousness that I already felt. The treatment then was antibiotics - which I took everyday for two years in my teens. In my thirties I started to suffer from health difficulties like IBS and Candida, which were quite distressing at times. In order to learn how to treat myself for them, I studied holistic medicine - eventually becoming a fully qualified homeopath. During my training, I realised how taking the antibiotics for such a long period had been a cause in my later health problems - all of the good healthy bacteria my system needed to function properly had been killed off, leaving my body unable to cope. I was able to resolve my health difficulties, but I would like to help others avoid the problems I had, by offering alternatives to the antibiotic treatment still often offered.


Hormone irregularities are a major factor in the formation of acne (they are not the only cause, but a big contributor). When you are a teenager and going through puberty, your body is producing Androgens, which stimulate the body to produce more oil. This hormone is also produced during pregnancy, which is why acne is common during early pregnancy.

This increase in hormones, along with a build up of toxins and a genetic tendency to acne are the three key factors in whether you get acne or not.


The Androgens produce more oil, which can block the pores and cause inflammation. The GOOD NEWS is that there are other hormones that have anti-inflammatory properties - they reduce the inflammation.. By supplementing your body with these, you can significantly neutralise the inflammation.

If you take Evening Primrose Oil and Lecithin, Antioxidants, Zinc, Vitamin B and Omega 3, you will help your body to produce more of the anti-inflammatory hormones, and reduce the acne.

Dietary changes will also help. If you reduce the amount of wheat and milk you consume to a bare minimum, you will also help your body balance itself.

There are other things that you need to do also, in order to really give your body the best chance to clear your acne. For more ideas on natural ways to treat acne go to (this name is inspired by my experience of my doctor calling me Spotty in front of the whole waiting room as a teenager! I want to save others from the same fate.

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