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Can Oolong Tea Cure Acne?

Tea of all kinds has antioxidants that come from the polyphenols in the tea. In addition, all teas have Vitamins A, B, C, E and K, along with some amino acids which are essential proteins and have health benefits for skin, hair and cell regeneration. Oolong tea is a tea that is slightly more processed than green tea and slightly less than black tea.

While white and green tea have very little in the way of oxidation, (bruising the leaves to allow them to dry), oolong and black teas are processed for oxidation numerous times and then roasted to enrich the flavor. Oolong tea has been prized by the Chinese, and it was named for the region in the Wuyi Mountains, where it was first discovered. It has also been called Wu long tea.

When making oolong tea, it should be steeped in hot water, not boiled, to gain the most benefits. Also, the leaves of the oolong tea can be steeped multiple times and the flavor improves, while green tea leaves are weaker and usually only good for one steeping.

Because processing can reduce levels of some of the antioxidants, oolong ranks in the mid range, with green tea having higher contents of antioxidants and white tea having the most. Oolong is more oxidized and roasted to give it a darker, richer color and taste, which makes it popular for drinking, especially as an aid in weight loss and metabolism boosting.

While all teas have antioxidants that can help clear acne among other skin inflammations, green tea would have stronger concentrations than oolong tea. Oolong tea still has health benefits, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients, just not is as high of concentrations.

Tea bags have also been used to relieve puffiness in the eye area, and as a rinse to bring out natural shine in hair. By using oolong tea as a rinse on your face, it will kill some of the toxins and bacteria that cause acne and other skin conditions, due to astringent properties in the tea. Drinking tea several times a day, whether green tea or oolong, will give you the health benefits of antioxidants, which attack the free radicals and toxins in your system, such as those that cause acne.

Can Oolong tea cure acne? It can certainly help. Since tea extracts, such as those found in oolong tea speed up the metabolism and speed up cell regeneration, it will help build healthier cells quicker, and build your immune system for protection and healing of different types of illnesses and bacteria, including those that cause acne. Oolong tea is a healthy, medicinal cure that has been used for centuries in the Chinese culture.

Oolong tea is a natural, healthy remedy that has been used for centuries in Chinese culture to cure different ailments, including skin irritations and infections. It would be a natural acne cure that has shown results in some cases, when drank several times a day, as well as topically applied.

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