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Reduce Thigh Fat With Calorie Shifting

A great way to reduce thigh fat is through diet and exercise, but you already knew that and you probably felt like rolling your eyes when you read it. The truth is if your goal is to reduce thigh fat then you have likely tried diets and exercise programs with little success. Dieting for long periods of time means you set yourself up for long periods of deprivation. To stick with a low-calorie or low-carbohydrate you will have to give up all your favorite foods. But what if there was a better way? A way that you could learn very quickly that would allow you to drop pounds faster than you ever did before AND allow you to routinely eat your favorite treats? Well there is a better way and it is called calorie shifting. Read on to learn how it works to help you burn fat off your thighs faster.

Reduce thigh fat using calorie shifting diet strategies

Thigh fat is particularly tough to lose because your body has a propensity to deposit fat in this area of your body. The classic pear-shaped body naturally stores more fat in the hips, butt and thighs and that means this is the first place fat gets stored and the last place it burns off. Frustration!

Well, that is a reality, yet the good news is that the fat will burn off, you will just need to lose it all over your body and really that is what you want anyway, a slim, lean body.

Calorie shifting is a dieting strategy that is far from a fad...even if you have never heard of it before. It originated in doctor's offices for patients that were facing surgery. What the doctors knew was that patients that were overweight or obese would not recover as well and recovery time would be very long. So they wanted to create a way for patients to shed excess pounds quickly, before surgery. What they developed was calorie shifting and because it worked so well the concept moved into the public arena quite quickly.

The key to why calorie shifting works and why you would want to use it to reduce thigh fat is because it keeps your fat-burning metabolism high. The reason this is important is because your body has less of a chance of hitting a weight loss plateau.

You see, traditional diets had you cut calories and keep them low forever, what happened however, was that your body adapted to the low calorie intake by slowing the fat-burning metabolism. So you continued to suffer through your low-calorie days and your fat-burning ability got slower and slower. Ugh!

And now think about that, if thigh fat is the last place you lose, and traditional diets always cause fat loss to slow down...when will the fat burn off your thighs? The answer is never with traditional diet strategies; however, with calorie shifting diets you eat fewer calories for a few days and follow that up with high-calorie days that boost your metabolism and keep you satisfied.

The result is that people find calorie shifting much easier to stick with and you keep your fat-burning metabolism going so you are able to reduce thigh fat.

You now know that Calorie Shifting is an effective and livable way to reduce thigh fat but that is not the whole story. For information on the most in-demand Calorie Shifting diet and how you can lose up to 9 pounds in just 11 days visit Reduce Thigh Fat with Calorie Shifting.

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