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Antioxidant Dietary Supplements and Orac Scores

How do you choose which antioxidant juice is best for you?

With so many antioxidant drinks claiming ORAC-score victory, the task seems daunting.

And if you're watching a loved one dying of heart failure, cancer or other fatal disease, only the best will do.

Choosing an antioxidant drink with the highest ORAC score certainly makes perfect sense, but there's more to it than just the ORAC test.

The 5 Primary Free Radicals

Companies tout their ORAC scores, but what about the other free radicals? Fact is there are no less than 5 primary free radicals with a different test for each:

Free Radical..............................Test
Superoxide Anion..........................SORAC
Singlet Oxygen............................SOAC

Different free radicals have different effects on various organs. So apart from selecting a drink with the highest ORAC score, you want to chose an antioxidant drink that also tests highest in the four other scores as well.

Fortunately there's an antioxidant supplement drink that tests highest in all 5 scores

The Colors of the Rainbow

In plants, pigments form the first line of defense against free radicals. While most plants are rich in vitamins like C and E, these nutrients are a secondary line of defense for the "quenching" of free radicals.

Plant pigments (Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Greens, Blues and Violets) are the first line of defense against free radical damage in plants.

The same is true in the human body.

So consuming foods the colors of the rainbow provides the best cellular nutrition, as the more colorful fruits, in particular, are very rich in antioxidants.

The nutrients common to a plant pigment, aids and protects the gene pool associated with its corresponding organ.

One Magic Ingredient?

Many imply that an antioxidant supplement product based on one, or even a few, ingredients and colors can fully aid the health of all of your organs. It's simply not possible.
It's like exercising only your right bicep to build all the muscles in your body. Clearly, all you're developing is a powerful right bicep.

The Danger of Heavy Metals

If you have heavy metals present in your system, free radical creation is accelerated by several thousand or even millions of times. Any antioxidant's benefits you are seeking are likely gone.

The list below shows the various pathways heavy metals enter our system. If you have exposure to any of these sorts of external sources, then realizing antioxidants benefits through a juice is an absolute must for you.
  • Metals-containing products
  • Toxins (environmental)
  • Toxins (generated by Candida)
  • Pharmaceutical or recreational drugs
  • Air pollution
  • Radiation from sunlight
  • Alcohol
  • Smoked or barbequed foods
  • UV light
  • Deep fried foods
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Inflammation
  • Ozone
Flash Pasteurization

Look for an antioxidant drink that uses the newest flash pasteurization process. This scales back the amount of preservatives currently required by over 80%.

The Importance of an Antioxidant Juice

Decades ago the FDA recommended we consume 5 daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Now they tell us to eat 9-13 servings every day. Why? Because our soils are so depleted that now it takes 26 peaches to equal 1 peach from the early 1950s.

But few people have the time and resources to shop and prepare that many servings of fresh, wholesome fruits and vegetables for an entire family on a daily basis.

That's Where Antioxidant Juices Come In

It's possible to find an antioxidant juice that equals a full 13 servings of natural fruits and vegetables in a single ounce, and at a mere fraction of the cost.

With the advent of antioxidant juices, convenient, low-cost health care was born.
Taking charge of your health has never been easier.

When choosing, know exactly what you're getting. Especially when the health of your family is at stake.

I started taking an antioxidant juice in March of 2009 which turned my life around. My poor health rebounded and gave me a new found consciousness about health and healing, longevity, free radicals, antioxidants, antioxidant supplements and living a healthy lifestyle. So much so that I decided to build a website to help others:

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