Sunday, July 11, 2010

Green Tea Benefits - Uncover the Powerful Antioxidant Effects of Green Tea

Green tea is best known for how strong its antioxidant properties are and how it works in fighting off disease.

While it contains many kinds of ingredients, the polyphenyl EGCG is the strongest one of all and provides a whopping amount of antioxidants. Learn a little about the antioxidant effects of green tea and how your health can benefit from them.

Millions of people are talking about what happened to them when they began including green tea into their diets. You can find testimonials all over the internet, you hear about it on cable channels on television, and you hear people talking it about in the waiting rooms at the doctor's offices.

Green leaf tea seems as though it is some brand new ingredient that has everyone raving when it actually an ingredient that has been used for well over 5000 years.

The antioxidants in green tea are the reason this herb has been able to help so many people in their efforts to become healthier.

Your body needs as many antioxidants as possible to combat aging and diseases. Research has shown that green tea is even effective for preventing some cancers. All this is due to the fighting the antioxidants do against the forces of the free radicals.

Free radicals are oxygen molecules that are out to steal electrons from the outer shells of other molecules. It is a vicious cycle because every time one is stolen, the violated molecule also becomes a free radical.

The molecules in a healthy cell in your body are soon a bunch of free radicals. That cell becomes unhealthy and can even mutate into cancer cells.

This whole battle the free radicals are waging in our bodies is a perfectly natural process called oxidation. This is how we age and this is how we get sick as well.

It makes sense then to make sure that you are protected in the best way by antioxidants. You can have this needed level of antioxidants through taking a daily supplement of green tea extract.

You will have many more healthy benefits from your green leaf tea extract if it is included in your multivitamin. A supplement like this will ensure that you are getting all the nutrients that your body needs to maintain healthy balance.

Look for herbal extracts like black cumin, bacopa, grapeseed, and turmeric in addition to green tea. Making sure that you have the antioxidant effects of green tea is going to help you tremendously in how you feel and how well you look.


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